IT BEGINS: Biden May Use COVID-19 Funding For Climate Change Programs

Leftists and their deep state allies were livid when then-President Donald Trump repurposed non-earmarked Defense Department funds for the construction of a border wall during a national emergency he was forced to declare in order to stop endless caravans of migrants attempting to enter the U.S. illegally.

By any application of sanity and logic, the former president was not only acting within his authority, he acted in the first place because the country he was sworn to protect was being threatened.

Fast-forward to the present time.

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After Trump was denied his reelection thanks to pre-election legal gerrymandering by Democrats in key battleground states, Joe Biden is now president — and he, too, wants to repurpose taxpayer funds for what he sees as a priority for the country: Climate change.

No leftist has ever explained how the expenditure of money will alter the climate in any appreciable way, but then no one has ever forced them to explain, either.

Now, Biden may well be within his authority to have his administration repurpose these funds — or he may not be (certainly legal challenges will have to sort it out). But it’s where the money is coming from that is so galling.

Biden wants to take money away from COVID-19-related expenditures and guide it towards something experts can’t agree is real: ‘Human-caused’ global warming.

And he wants to do it at a time when the pandemic is still taking its toll — on lives, on businesses, on economies.

The Daily Caller reports:

The plan would reallocate part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) overall disaster budget to projects designed to preemptively address damage from climate disasters, The Times reported. The agency wants to build seawalls and elevate or relocate homes in flood planes with the reallocated funds.

FEMA plans to include funding allocated for COVID-19 response in its restructuring of the budget, according to The Times. FEMA Acting Deputy Associate Administrator for Disaster Mitigation Michael M. Grimm said that an initial estimate found $3.7 billion that could go to the program to address climate change with the potential for more later on. …

The plan would need approval from the White House budget office, according to The Times. The proposal focuses less on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and is more concentrated on protecting homes and people from severe storms, flooding and fires.

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Right now, COVID-19 is real and pressing; the economic fallout from the pandemic is real and pressing. We can have a discussion about alleged “racial inequity” (most libs don’t really know what that term means, anyway) and ‘climate change’ when the other two, far more pressing, issues are resolved.

Or not. Guess it’s Biden’s call these days, huh?

This decision to forego prioritizing Americans’ health and financial well-being fits in well with Biden’s other orders dismantling tens of thousands of jobs with the stroke of a pen.

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