IT BEGINS: BLM Torches White Liberals Who Celebrate Biden; ‘You’re A Bunch Of Fu**ing Fools!’

Although this election is far from over, liberals have hit the streets to “celebrate” Joe Biden.

Ironically, Black Lives Matter is blasting WHITE LIBERALS for celebrating! Apparently white people are supposed to bow down to BLM’s every demand.

Sadly, these liberals had it coming.

Watch as these BLM fools scold white people ON THEIR OWN SIDE:

F**k all of you f**king journalists! And all of you white liberals who have been celebrating and getting drunk off your asses about Biden winning this election, you are all a bunch of f**king fools! You are using this plaza as a tourist attraction. You are all acting like this is Disney world. This is not fu**ing Disney world! You have all colonized this space for your own benefit! We will not have it here! We are not going anywhere! We are still gonna be here! Protesting! Fighting! Agitating! For our black brown indigenous trans queer on binary and people who have bene killed by police!”

Forget “unity” in the country. Joe Biden can’t even unify his own party. 

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