IT BEGINS: Canadian Pastor Hauled Away For Holding Church Services

Canada has now given us a terrifying glimpse of what may be in America’s future if the authoritarianism of the political left isn’t reigned in. A Calgary pastor was surrounded by heavily armed police agents and hauled off for the “crime” of holding worship services.

The outrageous arrest took place on Saturday after Pastor Artur Pawlowski defied the anti-religious dictates of local authorities. The Polish immigrant has recently butted heads with police, and videos of the heated confrontations have quickly gone viral.

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Pawlowski has become a symbol of the resistance to globalist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s totalitarian COVID police state. He was run down by Calgary cops who swooped in and then proceeded to drag him away on a busy highway in front of stunned onlookers.

The pastor and his brother Dawid Pawlowski were “charged with organizing an illegal in-person gathering, including requesting, inciting or inviting others to attend an illegal public gathering, promoting and attending an illegal public gathering.” According to CTV News.

CTV reports that despite the brutal treatment of the Pawlowski’s that “police want to remind the public that they do have a right to attend a religious gathering and engage in peaceful protest, but the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing and rules must be acknowledged.”

The network also cites a post-arrest police statement: “We continue to ask those who may be considering organizing or participating in any outdoor events to ensure they are familiar with public health order requirements and to do their part to prevent further spread of the virus,” as if that is an excuse for their heavy-handed arrest of a man of faith.

As a man who fled the iron-fisted communism of his home country he understands better than most what it looks like. Pawlowski incurred the wrath of the authorities after he chased them out of his church where they showed up to break up worship services over the Easter weekend.

Granted that the police couldn’t be pleased with being called out as “Nazis” and “Gestapo”. However, it would be hard to argue that Pawlowski’s comparisons were entirely inaccurate for anyone who has a working knowledge of 20th-century history.

Tensions continued to escalate and another encounter between Pawlowski led to authorities issuing a warrant for his arrest. They authorized police to do “anything necessary to carry out the arrest, including the use of as much reasonable force as may be necessary to make the arrest.” according to a Daily Wire report. It was also reported by Rebel News that it was a “secret” warrant

In a recent interview with the Daily Caller Pawlowski remarked; “I grew up in Poland under the boot of the Soviets, behind the Iron Curtain. What I see right now, I see everything escalating and moving to the new level. They’re acting just like the Communists were acting when I was growing up when the pastors and the priests were arrested, and some were murdered. Many were tortured. That’s why I say what I say. Because I see a repetition of history.”

In more of the pastor’s remarks to CTV, Pawlowski railed against authorities: “They’re destroying people’s lives, they’re telling me when I can worship God, which God I can worship,” he said, “This is not about safety, this is about destroying your heritage, this is about destroying Judeo-Christian values because you know how many people were in mosques during Ramadan? Thousands.”

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He also pointed out the hypocrisy of cracking down on small churches like his while taking a hands-off approach to corporate big box stores.

American liberals would be thrilled if the day comes when such unconscionable tyranny can be carried out against domestic religious leaders. After all, they’re the ones who have lionized Trudeau. Similarly, they have used the virus to implement sweeping restrictions against Judeo-Christian houses of worship in Democrat-controlled states.