IT BEGINS: Trump Protesters Are Getting Fired From Their Jobs For Attending Jan 6th Protest

More and more, the Democratic Party and its sycophantic supporters are becoming the UN-Democratic Party replete with group-think authoritarians who despise dissent and seek to punish anyone who doesn’t jump on their bandwagon.

Especially if those folks are supporters of President Donald Trump.

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As readers know, a couple hundred of the president’s supporters broke through security barriers earlier this week and stormed into the U.S. Capitol Building, assaulting officers along the way and causing damage internally. One woman – a 14-year Air Force veteran – was shot and killed by a police officer; three other rioters died from “medical emergencies;” and one Capitol Police officer died from injuries after the assault. 

Let’s be clear: That should never have happened, and for a number of reasons – first among them because it’s given the unhinged, un-democratic left a reason to go after all Trump supporters, including the 99 percent of them who attended the “Stop the Steal” rally before the Capitol Building siege.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

The professional fallout came quickly Thursday for a few Chicagoans who attended the “Stop the Steal” rally in the nation’s capital that later devolved into chaos and violence.

A city real estate agent was publicly fired after she posted to social media about attending the event. After workers at a tattoo shop posted about attending the rally, the shop was savaged on social media and was hit with graffiti accusing the store of employing “Nazis.” A Vietnamese restaurant, whose owners reportedly also attended the rally, was overwhelmed with negative online reviews.

Around the country, the mob of Trump supporters who pushed through police barricades and broke into the Capitol Building have been met with widespread condemnation.

Now, to be clear again, this kind of reaction to Americans who were simply in attendance at a political rally is inexcusable, very undemocratic, and hypocritical as can be, given that Americans who rioted, looted, burned businesses, and attacked cops all summer long in the name of “racial justice” were not similarly punished. 

Got it. But since when has the left played fair with the right? Never? 

Chicago real estate firm @properties noted on its Facebook page agent Libby McCarten Andrews has been fired following posts that she merely attended the rally – and initially, that’s all it was, a run-of-the-mill political rally (and no, Trump didn’t urge attendees to break into the Capitol Building, only to march to it in a message to Congress).

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A former client of the tattoo shop, who asked not to be named, explained why he was upset.

“I have two tattoos on my body from one of these people. It’s upsetting,” he said. “The last time I was here, the owner said he’d like to move to California but wouldn’t because, he said, ‘They would take my guns away there.’ After that, I didn’t come back.”

And that’s fine; people should be able to freely patronize businesses of their choice — or not. But firing someone over a political opinion? Is that even constitutional? Probably not.

But the Constitution doesn’t appear to mean much these days. Because if it did, we wouldn’t have a President-elect Joe Biden, there never would have been a “Stop the Steal” rally, and the Capitol Building never would have been breached by angry, fed-up supporters of a president who has literally been attacked, abused, and targeted since before he took office.

Are we, as a nation, capable of coming back from the political abyss? It doesn’t appear likely.