It’s Official: NBA Finals Ratings Were The Worst In History

The NBA season is finally over and league officials will now have time to ponder where it all went so terribly wrong. 

When the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James closed out the overmatched Miami Heat on Sunday they did so before the lowest viewership for a game where the trophy was clinched as only 6 million tuned in. 

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How bad was it? Game six was down nearly 70 percent from 2019 which featured a team from Canada in the Toronto Raptors and did not feature King James who has become the voice and face of the NBA in the current era. 

The league is paying dearly for allowing the divisive James to be the tail that wags the dog and going full “woke” after the season which was preempted by the coronavirus hysteria resumed in the Orlando bubble as a vehicle for the Black Lives Matter agenda. 

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It turns out that the ordinary fan – the one who buys tickets and merchandise- doesn’t want to tune in to a game only to be lectured about racism and social “justice” by a bunch of pampered millionaires and the dismal final ratings are a testament to that. 

Via The Hill, “NBA Finals ratings plummet to 5.6M, lowest on record “:

Nielsen Media Research reports that 5.6 million viewers tuned in to ABC to watch the Los Angeles Lakers top the Miami Heat to capture the NBA title Sunday night, the lowest-rated Finals series on record.

The series, which included the league’s biggest star in LeBron James and the second-largest market in Los Angeles, was played from the NBA’s coronavirus bubble at Wide World of Sports complex at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., without fans in attendance.

The 5.6 million viewers for the Finals was less than half the number who tuned in for a regular season “Sunday Night Football” match-up between the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks, which drew 11.4 million on NBC.

For context, last year’s NBA Finals Game 6 between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors delivered 18.34 million viewers, while Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls drew 36.9 million in 1998 for their Game 6 victory over the Utah Jazz.

An ESPN documentary series that aired in May on Jordan’s career in Chicago matched Lakers-Heat on Sunday night, averaging 5.6 million viewers across its eight parts.

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In their desperation to maintain another false narrative, the media is scrambling to explain away the NBA’s ratings implosion by attributing the loss of viewers to everything but the toxic BLM message including COVID, the presidential election, competing for the sports market with other league’s and the out-of-season playoffs. 

According to

ABC and the NBA were confident LeBron would bring the Finals back. Instead, he attracted even fewer viewers than a team from Canada was able to draw last year.

Here are the game-by-game LeBron-led Finals’ results:

Game 1: down 45%; lowest opener ever.

Game 2: down 53%; lowest Finals game ever.

Game 3: down 56%; new lowest Finals game ever.

Game 4: down 43%.

Game 5: down 52%.

Game 6: down 55%; lowest Finals Game 6 ever; nearly doubled by a head-to-head regular season football game.

Nope, this is all on LeBron, a race-baiting apologist for the Chinese communist regime and its abominable human rights practices and Commissioner Adam Silver who allowed him to hijack the league. 

Now the brand has become toxic in America but the good news is that the government in Beijing just lifted the one-year ban on televising NBA games last week. 


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