It’s A Fight For Our Lives- Why Republicans Must Retake The House in Midterms

Considering the number of ridiculous policies introduced by the democrats so frequently, it’s obvious why the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives must be unceremoniously kicked to the curb in the upcoming November elections.

A few days ago, the democrats successfully voted in support of the Inflation Reduction act with its numerous questionable qualities, targeting every small business owner in the United States. In addition, the IRS also got $80 million to double its rank and get as many weapons as needed, with a clause adding that they are allowed to use violence on civilians when necessary. More than 230 economists have also warned that this inflation reduction act will soon increase inflation, but were all ignored.

The citizens of the United States have still not come to terms with that, but these democrats are already discussing increment of taxes. With them still being the majority in the House of Representatives, they will probably not have any problem with passing that into law again.

Though the citizens have shown no support for these ridiculous bills whatsoever, the so-called Democratic Party, which claims to be the voice of the people, have changed its stand as they continuously ignore the cries of the people who have voted them into power.

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In a new development, Democrat Rep. Richard Neal of Massachusetts said in what seems more like a threat than an announcement that “I do think there’s a chance here to address some fundamental tax reform issues.

Despite the economic crises America faces, why would an influential Democrat lawmaker threaten to increase taxes even more if his party maintains control of the House? For over a decade now, Democrats campaigned on raising rates on high earners and large corporations, arguing the GOP is the party of tax cuts for the top 1 percent.

The laughable part is how they play with words to confuse the unsuspecting citizens. They make use of phrases like “tax reform,” “invest,” “fair share,” and other related words to hide their actual intentions. By doing this, the democrats are only exploiting and pandering to the left, when in reality, they mean “tax increases,” “spending more taxpayer money and/or increasing the national debt.” But the unsuspecting civilians or anti-conservatives who have refused to see the truth will always go with them.

The late great comedian George Carlin said it best: “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” One cannot help but relate to the Democrat politicians who are ruining their work with their own hands and their voters who will blindly believe anything they say.

However, even the supporters of the Democratic Party cannot be thrilled with this threat, regardless of how they choose to phrase it this time. Was Neal playing the tax-increase card an arrogant threat to Republicans or a vain promise to the Democrat base?

The only remedy to these problematic democrats is for republicans to take back congress unfailingly this November and save America from more ruin.

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