“It’s Guilty Until Proven Innocent”: Kushner Exposes the Horrible Treatment of the Trump Family

Jared Kushner was hardly the best of those Trump brought in from his inner circle to staff the White House. He and his wife, Ivanka Trump, supposedly were the ones behind Trump’s worse policies, such as the “Criminal Justice Reform” bill (read: Jailbreak Bill).

But, he’s still a part of Trump’s circle and family and so someone who can provide insight into the family and what goes on within it and happens to it, as he did during a recent appearance on Mark Levin’s program on Fox News Channel.

During that appearance, Kushner’s best moment was when he skewered his family’s treatment at the hands of vengeful agents of the government working far more to just find someone they can claim is guilty than to find out the truth, saying:

It was very hard, I worked hard to get the stories done accurately and compress it. It played a big toll on me. There were times when you sit there and say they are accusing me of these, you know, unbelievable things, watching the media properties that I held in esteem writing things about me that I know are not true.

But in our country, it is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. In our case it was guilty until proven innocent.

In another bit, Kushner (somewhat surprisingly) defended Trump’s “America First” policies and slammed the media for “hyperventilating” about Trump’s foreign policy, explaining how the Trump policies helped the average American and stood against the leftist orthodoxy, saying:

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Everything that Trump said in the campaign made sense to me, he said he would put America first. And putting America’s interest first, the media said that was controversial. That just didn’t make sense.

“Then, you have media hyperventilating over the fact that Trump was going to cause World War III… you saw over the course of his presidency his foreign policy was a rebuke of both administrations before him, Republicans and Democrat.

It was about putting America’s interest first, he worked hard to bring stability to the world, a lot of his characteristics got Putin on edge, and President Xi on edge, he was not provocative. He was able to bring about the Abraham Accords. You have Israel and Arab countries working together and how President Trump’s unique, out of the box style helped to bring that about, that something only an outsider could have done.

“The same on trade; free trader orthodoxy was rebuked. Trump took on the corporations and said I’m here to fight for the American worker and brought manufacturing jobs to America, and farmers who were struggling beforehand started doing great, through trade deals that were extraordinary. I read about President Trump’s first trip to Saudi Arabia and Israel and his visit to the Pope in Rome. And radical extremism was a major issue. President Trump didn’t run from the problem he ran to the problem, got all the world leaders there together, and said ‘we’ll solve this’ and created tremendous peace.”

Good for him! Kushner obviously wasn’t the most conservative Trump advisor. But he’s standing by his family and the America First policies that worked so well.

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