IT’S OFFICIAL: Today Is The Deadliest Day For US Troops Since 2011

On Thursday, Fox News’ Brett Baier cited info from the Department of Defense showing that today was the single deadliest day for US troops since Barack Hussein Obama was President in 2011.

Look below:

“According to DOD data— today is THE deadliest (hostile) day for US troops since an August 5, 2011 helicopter attack — making this day THE deadliest attack in more than a decade,” Baier tweeted.

The attack came just five days before Biden’s deadline for the complete military withdrawal from Afghanistan. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks and more are likely to come, according to Marine Corps Gen. Frank McKenzie.

It sure doesn’t seem like Biden is “building back better”, is he?

Jack Posobiec summed it up perfectly:

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When President Trump was in office, mission failures like this simply didn’t happen. However, Joe Biden’s incompetence has not only cost us American lives, but it has equipped terrorists with powerful weapons that they have ever had.

Stay tuned for more developments from this dark day for the United States…