WATCH: Jake Tapper Throws Hissy Fit Over GOP Election Challenge: ‘A Bloodless Coup’

On Sunday morning it was clear that the anti-Trump resistance is very worried about the number of Republican members of Congress who are prepared to contest the Electoral College certification of Joe Biden’s “win” this week. 

In a piece of news that sent waves of anxiety through the establishment, on Saturday Texas Republican Ted Cruz and a group of GOP senators announced that they are calling for an audit of the election amid growing proof of fraud by Democrats. 

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Cruz and his fellow Republicans joined a group of at least 140 House lawmakers who will be challenging the certification on Wednesday, the same day that Trump supporters will gather in D.C. to protest the steal. 

Among the activist “reporters” losing their marbles was an emotional Jake Tapper who on Sunday’s edition of CNN’s “State Of The Union” accused the Republican members of Congress of engaging in what he called a “bloodless coup.”

According to Tapper:

“Court after court including the U.S. Supreme Court, official after official including the former attorney general William Barr, governor after governor including conservative Trump supporters Doug Ducey from Arizona and Brian Kemp Georgia all have found no credible evidence to justify any conclusion other than this one…

President-elect Joe Biden won the presidential election, decisively, clearly, cleanly PERIOD.” 

That is the world of FACT.”

So why is it that twelve Republican senators and as many as 140 House Republicans will on Wednesday vote to reject President-elect Biden’s win and yet, another doomed attempt to stage a bloodless coup and undermine the results of a democratic election? 

“The state of our union is facing a perilous start to 2021. We are beginning the year with the pandemic at its most alarming level yet. December was the deadliest month of the pandemic so far in the U.S. 4 million vaccines have been administered and not close to the goal of 20 million. With 3,000 Americans dying every day what are the president and a big chuck of Congressional Republicans focused on? Undermining the results of the election, essentially a bloodless coup. Leading the Republican Party in a state of turmoil.”

“Saturday, 11 Republican senators said they would vote against counting electoral votes in Congress next week calling for, quote, an emergency ten day audit of election returns despite there being no evidence of widespread voter fraud. The group is following the lead of Senator Josh Hawley, who says he will formally object to Biden’s decisive win. Despite zero credible evidence that would justify such a move, zero.”

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The exasperated Tapper was forced to admit that the momentum had shifted away from the establishment that is represented by Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and Ben Sasse when Missouri Senator Josh Hawley was no longer the lone ranger who could be easily demonized and marginalized. 

Senator Cruz’s group has seriously rattled those who were celebrating the backdoor Obama regime restoration through Biden’s installment which was taken for granted as being a done deal before Saturday.

Tapper also bemoaned that it was Cruz who had joined the fight after the contentious primary battle between him and Trump during the 2016 primaries.  

Now the media is in a total panic and if you think that it’s bad now, just imagine what will happen if the Biden “win” is reversed, a HAZMAT team will have to be dispatched to the CNN studios for a wet mop cleanup of the mess from all the exploding heads. 

They are very, very worried.