James Carville: Biden’s Racist Comments Won’t Mean ‘Diddly Squat’ With Black Voters

The condescending attitude that white Democrats hold for African-Americans has never been move obvious than it is today following Joe Biden’s epic racist gaffe. 

The presumptive nominee found himself at the center of a firestorm of controversy after he went on a radio show with a large black audience and delivered the insulting racist remark that black people who vote for President Trump and not him “ain’t black.”

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The worst fears of Biden’s handlers were realized after the interview on “The Breakfast Club” went badly off the rails after the former vice president slipped up and told the truth of how the party’s white leaders have long viewed black people. 

Biden’s media advocates are in full damage control mode and will take advantage of the long Memorial Day weekend to spin it as “just Joe being Joe” and hoping that black voters have a short attention span. 

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One of those who is defending Biden is longtime Democrat party hack James Carville who went on MSNBC and further sneered down the critical demographic who he dismissed while repeating the big lie that Trump ordered Americans to drink bleach. 

According to Carville, blacks will have forgotten Biden’s bigoted insult by the time that the weekend is over. 

Via Breitbart News, “Carville: Biden ‘Ain’t Black’ Gaffe Won’t Mean ‘Diddly-Squat’ — Effects Are ‘Through the Weekend”:

“Look, it was kind of a dumb thing to say,” Carville said. “And he said I’m sorry. I said it. This is him. The effects of this are through the weekend, all right? This is not going to be mean diddly squat in the long-term. And Gene is right. You’ve got one guy telling people to take Clorox and a drug that is ill-advised against. It is not an equivalency, but the Democrats — we love to go, ‘Oh God, oh God, Biden is terrible. He messed up. What are we going to do?’”

“So, he said something he shouldn’t have said,” he continued. “It happens all the time in politics. I mean, it’s hardly anything mean about it. It just kind of came out the wrong way. And I hope he doesn’t get so nervous that he doesn’t stay himself at some level. I hope he doesn’t get too shaken by this. He apologized for it right away, which is the correct thing to do. But there’s no equivalency here. And you know, all this Democratic hand-wringing it is just silly. I mean, this is not going to amount to anything.”

Spoken with the conviction of a man who just KNOWS that Democrats own the black vote and the belief that black people are incapable of thinking for themselves. 

Famous for his role as Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign guru and the man credited with the iconic slogan “it’s the economy stupid” has been a fixture on MSNBC this year where he has lent his considerable clout within the party to Biden. 

It was Carville who in the critical weeks before the hapless loser Bernie Sanders was demolished by the DNC’s Super Tuesday ambush who denounced the Vermont senator as a communist. 

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He also claimed that Russian leader Vladimir Putin was behind Sanders initial successes, a dog whistle to the the electronically lobotomized viewers that MSNBC attracts and who live in a fantasy world where truth has been replaced by conspiracy theories. 

  • The ghoulish Carville is the embodiment of all that is wrong with the Democratic party and its racist, reprobate leadership and as a Louisiana-native, he has that plantation mentality that blacks are Democrat property. 

Whether or not he’s right has yet to seen but Biden’s slip has the potential to peel away some of the protective force field that has surrounded him for being the underling of the nation’s first black president and he is a threat to his own candidacy every time that he opens his mouth. 

Carville and company are going to be very busy with damage control over the next five months and they can’t keep lunchbucket Joe locked away in a basement dungeon forever. 

And the Trump campaign is going to be reminding black voters of where they really stand with Biden and Democrats all the way up to the election. 

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