James O’Keefe Posts Cryptic Tweet, And Bernie Should Be Shaking In His Boots

On Sunday afternoon, James O’Keefe hinted that he has another bombshell drop coming this week, and it concerns Socialist Bernie Sanders.

In response to Trump’s slam on Bernie, here is what O’Keefe tweeted:

“Stay tuned everyone. Something very big is going to happen. The first bombshell tape is going to drop this week,” he tweeted.

He also included the link Expose2020.com, which you can visit in order to sign up for all their latest updates.

I have been speaking with with a top member of Project Veritas and they have confirmed that something massive is dropping this week.

It just may shake the Sanders campaign to their core.

And, based on the history of Project Veritas, it will be a slow drip of damning videos that the Sanders campaign will do their best to silence.


As these videos drop, make sure to share them with everyone you know. Every share counts!

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