'Jeopardy' Question About Israel-Palestine Sends Liberals Over The Edge

Ever since the enactment of the Jerusalem Embassy Act, tit-for-tat tensions have been rising between those who support Israel and those who support the Palestinians.

The hostility can even been seen in things as trite as a game show question.


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From The Hill:

“Jeopardy!” has received a wave of backlash on social media after a contestant answered a question about where Bethlehem was located by saying Palestine and not Israel.

The question was specifically about where the Church of the Nativity is located. 

During an episode of the show that aired last week, a contestant selected the “Where’s that church” category, which provided contestants with the clue: “Built in the 300s AD, the Church of the Nativity.”   

Contestant Katie Needle buzzed in with Palestine as the answer shortly after host Alex Trebek read the clue. However, she was told her answer was wrong and was penalized with a $200 deduction from her overall cash score.

Another contestant, Jack McGuire, then answered, “What is Israel?”

“That’s it,” Trebek told McGuire as the contestant was awarded $200.

So in what country is Bethlehem located?

Sadly, the birth-country of the Israelite, Jesus, is now considered questionable regardless of how ridiculous it seems.

Even liberal NBC made an excellent point about who owns Israel:

From NBC:

The Church of the Nativity is listed as a World Heritage Site and is the oldest basilica in the holy land. It is a popular destination for Christian pilgrims and tourists from across the globe.

Christians in occupied Gaza who want to travel to the West Bank for Easter or Christmas must apply to the Israeli government for temporary single-use permits.

But rather than fight about who's right and who's wrong, it appeared as though Jeopardy decided to give Contestant Katie Needle her missed 200 points anyways, though it was done quietly during a commercial break without public comment. 

This was caught by someone on Twitter who decided to inform the angry Twitter mob:

But was this enough for the angry Twitter tribe? Nope.

Some of the tweets were just downright silly:

The Twitter backlash was so intense that Jeopardy actually issued an apology and referred to their question as "flawed":

Correction to the Jeopardy! Bethlehem Clue: During taping we found the clue flawed and replaced it. Through human error in post-production, an uncorrected version was broadcast. We regret the error and will make every effort to ensure this never happens again.

But now will there be more backlash towards the show from the other side?

How can you call a question "flawed" when the country where the basilica lies is, in fact, IN ISRAEL, which is a country. 

Even if you were to side with the Palestinians politically, Palestine IS NOT a country, but a region, regardless of your ideology. 

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And even though they caved, will Jeopardy be able to shrug off the haters?