Jewish Group Just Tore CNN A New One; Here’s The Reason Why

Well, it seems that CNN is once again finding themselves at the blunt end of a rather spectacular beat down by folks who are tired of the garbage they push in their very left-leaning news coverage.

This time they’ve raised the ire of Jewish groups, who, according to Newsmax, are accusing CNN of “whitewashing” left-wing antisemitism in the network’s latest special.

The program, “CNN Special Report: Rising Hate: Antisemitism in America,” features correspondent Dana Bash saying, “Experts across the board caution antisemitism is growing on the left, but it is not equivalent to hate from the right.”

How much more blatant bias do folks need to see in order to understand that the mainstream media has nothing to do with real, legitimate journalism and are all about creating and pushing specific narratives to benefit the Democratic Party?

Here we see a special produced by the network in which they attempt to make it look like antisemitism is strictly something that happens within conservative or far-right circles. That is not even remotely true.

Among the individuals who were interviewed for the CNN special was progressive Rabbi Jill Jacobs, who went on to say that she’s very worried about antisemitism on the right side of the political spectrum.

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Notice, again, the exclusive focus on the political right? Apparently, CNN is giving all liberals a free pass in this area, assuming that there’s no such thing as antisemitic leftists. Ha! Yeah. Right.

“On the left it is more in the discourse,” she went on to claim.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of Anti-Defamation League, went on to remark in the special, “So, on the extreme right, they are the tornado that will tear apart your house and kill everyone inside in an instant. The far left is like climate change, slowly but surely, the temperature is rising. Some people deny it, then some people say we can adapt to it, but suddenly it reaches the point, the temperatures become so inhospitable that people can no longer live there.”

Bash then went on to post in a tweet just before the special aired over the weekend, “Much of the hateful and violent antisemitic incidents come from far-right groups. But there is troubling discourse emerging from the left, too. The issue is complicated and nuanced. It’s something I explore in my special…”

In a couple of press releases that were issued as a response to the special, the Jewish Leadership Project, along with the Coalition for Jewish Values, accused the news network of “whitewashing” left-wing antisemitism.

“Attacks on Jews are increasingly coming from the left and they don’t want to admit it,” a spokesperson for the Jewish Leadership Project went on to say. “They rightfully cite white supremacists, but when it comes to black supremacists, left-wing anti-Zionists, radicals and Islamists … it’s complicated and nuanced.”

Morton Klein, who serves as the president of the Zionist Organization of America, did an interview with the Daily Caller where he said, “On campuses, almost all of the vicious Jew hatred threats and attacks, even physical attacks, are by the left. It is not White Supremacists on campuses.”

“They’re afraid of attacking the left-wing antisemites,” he continued.

When asked for a comment on the matter by the Daily Caller, CNN did not respond.


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