Jill Biden: Trump is Afraid of Running Against My Husband

During an interview on MSNBC, Joe Biden's wife Jill Biden bizarrely claimed that President Donald Trump is afraid of going against her husband in the 2020 election.

The former Second Lady started by hammering President Trump for tweeting about far-left climate change activist Greta Thunberg.


"That's bullying," Jill Biden said. "Look at what the president did this week with that 16-year-old girl, Greta. You can't attack children. That's the bottom line."

Jill Biden failed to mention any of the bullying by her party on 13 year old Barron Trump. She then went on to claim that President Trump is "afraid" to run against Joe Biden.

"We knew it was going to be tough. Our family knew it was going to be tough, but we could never have imagined that it would turn into Donald Trump ... asking a foreign government to get involved in our elections," Jill Biden said. "And I think it just proves he's afraid to run against my husband, Joe Biden."

She continued by saying that Joe Biden has "a lot of energy."

"He has a lot of energy," Jill Biden said. "Most of the time I have to say to him in the morning like, 'Joe, just wait until I have my coffee until you start with this idea or that idea.'"


Jill Biden's claim that Joe Biden "has a lot of energy" is questionable considering a new report by Politico states that Biden told his own staffers that it is "virtually inconceivable" that he would run for a second term in 2024 if he were to beat President Trump in the upcoming election.

“Former Vice President Joe Biden’s top advisers and prominent Democrats outside the Biden campaign have recently revived a long-running debate whether Biden should publicly pledge to serve only one term, with Biden himself signaling to aides that he will serve only a single term,” Politico says.

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“While the option of making a public pledge remains available, Biden has for now settled on an alternative strategy: quietly indicate that he will almost certainly not run for a second term while declining to make a promise that he and his advisers fear could turn him into a lame duck and sap him of his political capital,” they continued.

According to Politico, “four people who regularly talk to Biden,” revealed that it is “virtually inconceivable that he will run for re-election in 2024.”

By 2024, “he’s going to be 82 years old in four years and he won’t be running for reelection,” an advisor to Biden said.

Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

The decision to leak this inside information, the adviser suggested, is to potentially help Biden among young left-wing voters, effectively providing a tacit promise that Biden will help bring a younger, more diverse figure from the left into office in 2024.

“This makes Biden a good transition figure,” said the adviser. “I’d love to have an election this year for the next generation of leaders, but if I have to wait four years [in order to] to get rid of Trump, I’m willing to do it.”

According to another top adviser for Biden, he plans on finding a strong running mate who can then take the lead in 2024, something he can’t say outright but is making clear internally.

For now, as Politico highlights, Biden is publicly rejecting the notion of a one-term pledge. After saying flatly that will not serve just one term in April, Biden hedged in October, saying that while he wouldn’t promise not to run in 2024, he wasn’t promising to run again then either.

Biden continues to be the frontrunner among the still crowded Democratic field. For a brief period, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was giving Biden a run for his money, even surpassing him in some polls, but her support has since declined. Most polls show Biden enjoying a double digit lead, followed by democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, then Warren.

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