Jill Says Joe Biden’s Low Poll Numbers Due to Folks Not Understanding What He’s Accomplished

Jill Biden, just like every other liberal in America (and the world) today, thinks you are stupid. Democrats make it clear every single day that average Americans cannot be trusted to do the right thing.

This is why Dems will get annihilated during the 2022 midterms. This is why the Executive Branch will once again be controlled by grown-ups, come January 2025.

Here’s Jill doing her best to defend Joe, quite arguably the worst president in the history of the United States (not even one full year into the job).

From The Daily Wire:

First lady Jill Biden laughed off questions about her husband’s mental fitness for office during a CBS News interview that aired on Sunday morning.

When asked if President Joe Biden’s plummeting poll numbers bothered her, Jill Biden responded, “You know, I look at it a little differently.”

Jill barked, “During the campaign, Joe made certain promises, things that he would do. And we were going through a pandemic, which no one could have anticipated. So he did come in and rescue America with the American Rescue Plan. And millions of families got money, because they were desperate. We have vaccines for kids, ages five and up. And now with the infrastructure plan, we’re going to have better roads and better buildings that don’t have asbestos, better drinking water.”

Jill was then asked by the host, “So, do you figure once the public kind of comprehends this, things will turn around?”

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She said, “I do. I do.”


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