Jim Jordan Says Brandon Has “Done Everything Wrong”

Jim Jordan, appearing on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures” program, had some harsh words for the Brandon Administration, which he said has “done everything wrong.

Beginning his remarks, he warned that “Elizabeth Warren seems to be hinting at price controls.”

And what does that mean for the average American?  As he put it, “And we know what that will do. That will only exacerbate the problems we see out there.”

That is, of course, the opposite of what the average American wants. As Jordan put it, “So, in simple words, I think the American people would like — they’d like safe streets, they’d like affordable gas, and they’d like freedom.

But, again, that’s not what we’re getting from Team Brandon. “Instead,” Jordan said, “what Biden’s giving them is record crime, record inflation and Dr. Fauci.

And his conclusion, based on all of that? Well, as he put it, “So, this administration, as we have talked before, Larry, has done everything wrong.”

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Continuing on that line of thought, explaining all the many misdeeds and mistakes of the Brandon Administration, Jordan said, “You pick the policy area — they have done it wrong.

How true that is. But he didn’t end it there; instead, he continued, saying. “We went from literally 11 months safe streets to record crime. We went from a secure border to complete chaos. We went from stable prices to now record inflation. We went from strength and projecting strength around the world to the debacle that was the exit in Afghanistan. So, you name the policy. They have screwed it up.

Sounds about right. Brandon has been a disaster. But again, Jordan kept pressing his attack, refusing to back off when there was still the flesh of ridiculous mistakes to sink his teeth into and ending his attack by saying:

“I’m afraid, based on what I heard from Senator Warren this week, they may even go the wrong direction the economy, but let’s hope not. And let’s hope Joe Manchin stays firm, and this crazy Build Back Better, so-called Build Back Better bill never passes.”

Watch him press that attack here:

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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