Jim Jordan Sounds The Alarm On FBI Director Wray

During an interview with Just The News, Republican Congressman Jim Jordan discussed the revelations recently found by the Inspector General in the Justice Department, suggesting that FBI Director Christopher Wray doesn’t seem to be concerned with the extensive errors committed by individuals within his intelligence community.

The Justice Department released a bombshell report last year, where Inspector General Horowitz detailed 17 “significant inaccuracies and omissions” located in the FBI’s spy warrants obtained against President Trump’s campaign associate Carter Page, and further investigations have revealed even more serious problems for the FBI this week.


In a subsequent investigation of 29 spy warrants that were filed by the FBI throughout October 2014 and September 2019, the Justice Department found errors in every single one of the applications under review. Making matters even worse, four mandatory documents meant to verify the statements made in order to obtain the warrants were nonexistent.

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Similar to what presiding FISA Judge James Boasberg claimed a few weeks ago, Jim Jordan now says he has a serious lack of confidence in the FBI’s ability to obtain legitimate spy warrants, particularly placing his focus on FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Check out what Just The News reported below:

Jordan said he was deeply concerned by the newest revelations and did not yet have confidence that Wray can or will fix the problems.

“I don't know Chris Wray that well,” Jordan said. “I do know in public hearings he doesn't seem to have the same intensity about and concern about what took place and what still may be happening based again on what we just learned on Tuesday from Mr. Horowitz.”

Jordan said when he raised more sweeping ideas for reform with Wray, the director “didn't seem to be that interested.”

Ranking Republican Representative Jim Jordan played a large role in exposing the FBI’s malfeasance in their counterintelligence investigation against President Trump in 2016, and he has been investigating the matter with Senator Lindsey Graham for months.

As of now, individuals in the intelligence have yet to have consequences for their role in misleading the FISA courts, but United States prosecutor John Durham was selected by Attorney General Barr to investigate the issue last year.

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John Durham has interviewed a number of individuals within the intelligence community, along with requesting thousands of documents, and the highly-anticipated release of his report is imminent.

Although many individuals now have a lack in the confidence of intelligence officials and their ability to get spy warrants, the investigations from the Justice Department have helped significantly to make sure reform does happen within the FISA courts to address the FBI’s abuse of power.

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