Joe Biden Admits One Regret That Could Destroy His 2020 Chances

Former Vice President Joe Biden's 2020 campaign is a disaster. While he's still leading in many polls, his campaign has been hit with a myriad of controversies. 

Amid his troubles mounting, Biden is finally admitting his one regret: his performance at the first Democratic debate of the 2020 election was a total train wreck.


And in order to stop the political bleeding, the former VP is calling donors to assure them not to panic or jump ship amid his slipping poll numbers.

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Politico reports, “Not long after his anemic performance in the first presidential debate, as his poll numbers began to slide, Joe Biden had conversations with nervous donors and personally assured them his campaign was on track.”

The truth of the matter is that Biden’s campaign seems to be falling apart, and the former VP appears to know it.

“Many Democrats — including his own donors and admirers — continue to question whether he’s capable of recovering from a damaging first performance. They wonder whether he can exercise the discipline necessary to execute a debate plan on Wednesday, when several rivals will have an interest in taking him down,” adds Politico.

With his donors worried, that will make his performance at the Democratic debates on Wednesday night (July 31) that much more important.

While he largely cruised during the first debate in June, several 2020 hopefuls will definitely go after Biden at the debate and challenge him.

“Other candidates, some in desperate need of capturing the spotlight, are likely to zero in on Biden as well after watching Harris’ polling and fundraising surge following her attack on the former vice president in Miami,” reports Politico.

Other top Democrats are worried about Biden, too.

“The big question he has to resolve is if he’s up to this thing, if he’s vigorous and if he’s engaged,” said David Axelrod, a former Obama adviser.

“People were raising serious questions about his ability to be very aggressive against Trump,” said one person who spoke with Biden.“He’s listening. He seems to be more sure of himself after that first fiasco. I think he realizes now that he screwed up.”

This could be a recipe for another debate disaster for Biden if he can not live up to the task.

One bad debate is normal and explainable. Two bad debates indicates a trend, one that could scare away even more of his major donors.

Biden's 2020 campaign has not gotten off to the smoothest start.

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