Joe Biden Gets Hilarious New Nickname After Campaign Rocked With Scandals

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been given a new nickname after his campaign has been rocked with several scandals in the past few months.

While he has been accused of plagiarism, acting inappropriate towards several women, and stole a slogan from disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti -- Biden has not slipped in the polls.


And, according to Politico, he's got new nickname because of it: "Teflon Joe."

Politico reports:

Joe Biden’s all-too-friendly touching of women in the MeToo era was supposed to be toxic to his presidential campaign. Critics thought his flip flop on subsidized abortions would show how deeply out of touch he was with the modern Democratic Party.
The latest controversy buffeting his campaign — his statements about his working relationships with Dixiecrat segregationists when they served in the U.S. Senate together more than 40 years ago — has chewed through news cycles for the past week.
Biden remains the front-runner in national polls and in the four early states. 

Quite interesting that Politico would nickname him "Teflon Joe," which is a clear play off what many have called President Donald Trump for years. 

Given the president has withstood an onslaught from the leftist media for over three years, the president has often been referred to as "Teflon Don," but apparently that's Biden's nickname now, too.

But more importantly, it's unclear how much longer Biden's 2020 campaign can survive given it seems like he gets hit with a new accusation every month.

Earlier this month, the former VP found himself in hot water after he took a phrase that Avenatti has used several times in recent months.

“He says, ‘let's make America great again,’” Biden said of Trump. “Let's make America America again.”

Turns out, Avenatti -- the anti-Trump lawyer who briefly flirted with a 2020 run of his own before being indicted on multiple charges -- has repeatedly used that same slogan in public.

A few weeks before that, Biden came under fire again for plagiarism after his campaign got busted for copying language for his environmental plan word-for-word from environmental nonprofits without attribution.

In less than a month, he has been accused of plagiarism on two separate occasions.

Four women have also recently accused the former vice president of inappropriately touching them.

Caitlyn Caruso said Biden rested his hand on her thigh even as she tried to squirm in her seat to signal that she was uncomfortable.

D.J. Hill recalled an incident with Biden in 2012, claiming that the then-vice president placed his hand on her shoulder and began to run it down her back, which she said made her "very uncomfortable."

Former Nevada state lawmaker Lucy Flores accused Biden of grabbing her shoulders, smelling her hair, and kissing her head without consent at a 2014 campaign event.

Amy Lappos, a former congressional aide to Connecticut Democratic Rep. Jim Himes, claimed that during a fundraising event in 2009, Biden grabbed her head and pulled her in close to rub noses.

Biden may not be slipping in the polls yet, but it will be hard for him to remain the Democratic frontrunner if his campaign continues to get hit with more scandals.