Joe Biden Just Did Russia A Huge Favor, So Where’s the Special Counsel and Accusations of ‘Collusion’?

For years, Democrats and their propagandists in the ‘mainstream’ media accused Donald Trump of “colluding” with Mother Russia to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton.

That was never true, and honestly, to anyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together, it should have been obvious.

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Trump as president ensured that America was stronger economically and militarily than Russia could ever hope to be. Through his economic policies strengthened the value of the dollar, lowered joblessness to near-full employment, and saw marked increases in overall GDP and the stock market. He agreed to and signed beefed-up defense budgets for the U.S. military and then cajoled NATO members into spending more on their own militaries, as they agreed to do when they became part of the alliance. He also improved the U.S. defense posture in eastern Europe and signed a cooperative security agreement with Poland.

And who can forget the butt-kicking American forces gave Kremlin-backed Russian military privateers in Syria in 2018?

In short, if Trump were a stoolie of Vladimir Putin, he sure made life a whole lot more difficult for the Russian leader by making the U.S. much stronger, more capable, and more lethal.

But that wasn’t all. Trump also sought to isolate Russia diplomatically, and one way he attempted to do this was to sanction a gas pipeline into Germany, a principal NATO member, being built by a Russian company. The pipeline, Nord Stream 2, aims to supply Germany (and potentially other European countries) with Russian gas, an arrangement that accomplishes two things that are strategically detrimental to the West and NATO: 1) Gas sales boost Russian GDP which can then be utilized to improve Moscow’s military; and 2) Germany becomes more reliant on a potential NATO enemy to power its economy and heat German homes in the winter.

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Not very smart if the a) Russia truly is a competitor; and b) the objective of the West is to weaken a potential enemy.

Trump himself brought up this obvious conflict at a NATO summit in the summer of 2018. “We’re supposed to be guarding against Russia and Germany goes out and pays billions and billions of dollars a year to Russia,” Trump said in the presence of reporters.

As such, the former president who was regularly accused of being a Putin sycophant a year later approved sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 project, drawing the ire not only of Russia but of the entire European Union (leading to the most obvious question: Why do we still even have NATO?).

Some Russian stoolie!

Now, contrast Trump’s actions with those of his successor, Joe Biden, who just moved to end those Nord Stream 2 sanctions so Berlin can become more dependent on Moscow’s energy (giving Putin leverage over the largest economy in Europe so he can pretty much do whatever he wants in Ukraine and the Crimea).

Breitbart News reports:

Citing “two sources briefed on the decision,” Axios reporter Jonathan Swan reports the State Department will include the Nord Stream 2 pipeline Russian company and CEO on its list of Russians who deserve sanctions, but the Biden administration will waive them, citing American interests.

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The Biden administration plans to scrap the sanctions on the Russian company responsible for the pipeline, despite initial signals that they would not.

During his Senate confirmation hearing, Secretary of State Antony Blinken told senators he is “determined to do whatever we can to prevent that completion” of the pipeline.

Never mind Blinken’s obvious lie; the more pressing issue is this: Can we now formally accuse Joe Biden of being “Joe Moscow” and kick off a series of investigations led by a Justice Department special counsel? Because after all, “Russia, Russia, Russia!” is our biggest nemesis, justifying the continuation of an anachronistic Cold War relic in NATO, all the while distracting us from our real competitor (whom Biden is also feeding): China.