Joe Biden Makes Big ‘Oops,’ With Admission About The Design Of ‘Assault Weapons’

President Joe Biden delivered a speech to a teacher’s union on Friday, and, true to form, made a huge gaffe as he admitted that “assault rifles” like AR-15s, AK-47s, along with other weapons that fit into this category, are actually designed to “defend people.” You just know that every single Democrat in attendance and around the country rolled their eyes at the same time as they realized that, once again, Biden has said something stupid that is contrary to their own agenda.

I mean, those of us who actually understand the Second Amendment all agree with that statement, but the progressive left, who hate the idea of people owning any sort of weapon that gives them a fighting chance against the tyranny they want to impose on others, was probably foaming at the mouth after the statement was made.

According to a report from Breitbart, “The Post Millennial published video showing Biden launch into the topic by asking, ‘What in God’s name do you need an assault weapon for?'”

He went on to say, “It’s an assault weapon designed to kill people, to defend America, to defend people.”

That’s exactly right, Mr. President. The purpose of the weapon is to defend freedom, the values this nation was founded on, the people who live in it, etc. Why has it taken you this long to grasp this concept? He probably had a handle on it a long, long time ago, but has kept his thoughts under wraps in order to be a good leftist puppet.

But due to his “cognitive abilities” not being what they were, things are starting to slide through the cracks. You’d think, at this point, the left would want the man to be evaluated mentally and possibly removed so as not to cost them future elections. That doesn’t seem to be of much concern to the radicals right now.

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Here’s more from Breitbart:

The Center for Security Policy’s Kyle Shideler reacted to Biden’s admission by tweeting, “Biden accidentally stumbles into the meaning of the 2nd amendment.”

Biden’s observations on the firearms which Democrats refer to as “assault weapons” comes just days after he told CBS News’ 60 Minutes that he will continue to push for a ban on such firearms.

During that interview he also told host Scott Pelley that the continued sale of semiautomatic weapons is “bizarre.”

What’s “bizarre” is that there are so many individuals who live in this country who are ignorant of their own rights and what these rights mean. Our founders were bright men. Well-educated men. They understood that whenever you give men a little bit of power, there will be a whole lot of corruption. And without some means by which to chain them, they would grow drunk with this power and use it to oppress their fellow man.

In order to prevent that, the Second Amendment was created. People have a God-given right to protect life, liberty, and property from those who would take them from them. To successfully do that, you need weapons. It’s a fact of life. These guns exist because the Second Amendment guarantees us the right to own firearms that will give us a fighting chance in self-defense.

No, Mr. President, it’s not weird or strange that people buy these kinds of guns. It’s actually pretty darn American.

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