Joe Biden’s $1.5 Billion Dollar Secret Just Went Public

While Democrats and the media are fixated on President Donald Trump’s faux scandal with Ukraine, new bombshell evidence just changed everything for former Vice President Joe Biden.

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A firm employing James Biden, the younger brother of Joe Biden, received more than $1.5 billion in government-backed contracts while Barack Obama was serving in the White House.

A new book by Peter Schweizer, senior contributor at Breitbart News and president of the Government Accountability Institute, details “James Biden’s professional life with his brother’s political influence is extensively detailed.”

Breitbart reports:

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In 2010, shortly after a disastrous attempt at running a hedge fund with his nephew Hunter, James Biden entered the construction and international development industry. 

Even though he lacked background in either, James secured a position as executive vice president at the newly formed HillStone International, LLC. 

“The president of HillStone International was Kevin Justice, who grew up in Delaware and was a longtime Biden family friend,” Schweizer writes in his book. “He was friends with lots of Bidens, especially Joe’s sons Hunter and Beau.”

Breitbart continues:

Under Justice’s leadership, the company was setting out to pursue technology and construction projects in the Middle East. Of particular interest to the company were the millions being given to government contractors for the rebuilding of war-torn Iraq—an endeavor Joe Biden was tasked to oversee by President Barack Obama.

It was likely with such projects in mind that Justice headed to the White House in November 2010. During the visit, the HillStone executive met with Michele Smith, a top aide to then-Vice President Joe Biden. Smith, a fellow Delaware native, was serving as the vice president’s liaison to “global government officials and business executives.”

Although the confines of that meeting have not been made public, the subsequent events seem to imply it was beneficial for both HillStone and the Bidens.

Six months after James joined HillStone, the firm received a contract to build more than 100,000 homes in Iraq. 

The deal, which was estimated to be worth upwards of $1.5 billion, was part of a larger $35 billion contract awarded to a South Korean company. 

Both HillStone and James Biden would have become very wealthy if the deal went through. As a minority partner in the firm, James would have been eligible to split more than $735 million in profits upon the contract’s completion.

Breitbart concluded:

Even with James on board, HillStone was eventually forced to back out of the deal after its inexperience with such a large-scale construction project became evident.

The high-profile failure, though, did not disqualify either HillStone or Hill International from seeking and obtaining other U.S. government contracts. In 2012, around the same time its inexperience was coming to the attention of federal agencies, HillStone secured a $22 million construction contract for the U.S. State Department.

James is now being sued for fraud related to another business venture.

All of this comes as Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is engulfed in a major scandal of his own involving Ukraine.

Hunter was hired to sit on the board of powerful companies because he allegedly claimed he could use his father’s power as the vice president. 

 Biden was serving as the vice president when this occurred.

The details emerged as the Ukrainian government reopened an investigation into a company which once paid Hunter Biden roughly $50,000 a month.

That company, Burisma Holdings, was being probed by Ukraine’s top prosecutor.

Joe Biden allegedly pressured and tried to intimidate the Ukrainian government to remove the prosecutor from the case, and his plan actually worked.

The Ukrainian Parliament caved and removed Lutsenko as the prosecutor on the case — and Hunter still benefited significantly from his father’s actions and position.

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It certainly looks like Biden used his power as VP to pressure Ukraine into removing the prosecutor who was investigating a shady deal involving his son.

All of this happened for years. While serving as vice president, both Biden’s son and his brother benefited significantly while working with shady, corrupt foreign companies who were seeking influence in America.

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