Joe Biden Speaks Out On Growing Ukraine Scandal

On Monday, former Vice President and 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden denied that his son Hunter Biden asked him for help in Ukraine after he got tangled in a mess while serving on the board at a Ukrainian energy company.

“We never once discussed it when he was there,” Biden said to the Associated Press. “There’s not a single bit of evidence that’s been shown in any reporting that’s been done that he ever talked about it with me or asked any government official for a favor.”

Check out what Breitbart reported:

When he was vice president, Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees for Ukraine if officials did not fire the country’s top prosecutor, who was pursuing a corruption investigation of an energy company while his son Hunter was serving on the board.
The connection was revealed in author Peter Schweizer’s best-selling book Secret Empires, and the reporting was confirmed in the New York Times.
Hunter Biden was paid as much as $50,000 per month while serving on the board, as his father led the Obama administration’s policy with Ukraine.
Biden’s “not a single bit of evidence” defense echoes former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s repeated assertion that there was no evidence of improper paybacks after she approved the Uranium One deal — despite receiving $145 million in pledges and donations for the Clinton Foundation.
Biden’s Ukraine connection made recent headlines after President Donald Trump’s personal attorney suggested he would travel to Ukraine to investigate the issue before ultimately deciding against it.

Biden has completely supported the bogus Russia investigation into President Trump but is extremely upset now that the tables have turned. Biden harshly criticized the fact that Rudy Giuliani would even consider traveling to Ukraine to investigate the matter.

“I can’t remember any lawyer representing the president, conferring with the president, deciding to go overseas, where a government relies on U.S. largesse to try to get them to do something that everybody knows never happened,” Biden angrily said during an interview with WMUR.

Biden also mentioned in the same interview that nothing his son did was inappropriate.

“All the reports indicated that not a single, solitary thing was inappropriate about what my son did. He never talked to me. He never talked to anybody in the administration,” Biden asserted.

While speaking to the Associated Press, Biden defended his son.

“I have great confidence in my son,” he said. “He’s a man of great integrity.”

Last week, President Trump announced that it would be "appropriate" for him to discuss potentially opening an investigation into Biden with Attorney General Bill Barr.

“Certainly it is a very big issue and we’ll see what happens. I have not spoken to him about it. Would I speak to him about it? I haven’t thought of that. I mean, you’re asking me a question I just haven’t thought of,” Trump stated.

The president also mentioned that this growing scandal could be “a very big situation” for Biden.

“Because he’s a Democrat it’s about 1/100 the size of the fact that if he were a Republican, it would be a lot bigger,” Trump rightfully stated.

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