Joe Biden Tries Giving Trump a New Nickname and Fails Miserably

Former Vice President Joe Biden tried copying President Donald Trump on Monday by giving him a nickname.

President Trump is known for labeling his political opponents with nicknames and has done so since the 2016 Republican primaries and continues to label his political foes with nicknames to this day.


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The Daily Wire notes:

He’s even better than George W. Bush (although the 43rd president did come up with a great one for senior adviser Karl Rove — “Turd Blossom”).

Trump calls Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) “Pocahontas” for her debunked claims that’s she’s Native American. He calls Sen. Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut Democrat who falsely claimed to have fought in the Vietnam War, “Da Nang Dick.” Jeb Bush was, of course, “Low Energy Jeb.” Then there’s “Crooked Hillary,” “Lyin’ Leakin’ James Comey,” “Jeff Flakey,” “Head Clown Chuck Schumer,” and “Mad Maxine Waters.”

Biden is now trying to copy President Trump by giving him a nickname of his own however he failed miserable on his first attempt.

On Monday, Biden announced that he was going to be calling President Trump, "President Tweety."

“Trump is out there tweeting again this morning. I call him ‘President Tweety,'” Biden announced while speaking to the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Victory Fund. Biden noted that Trump wrote on Twitter, “reopen the country,” then said: “How are we supposed to do that if you’re sitting on the money small businesses need? Stop tweeting about it. Get the money out to Main Street. It’s there. It’s been passed.”

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President Trump has labeled Biden as "Sleepy Joe" considering he is a very low energy individual, however Biden assures that “in terms of energy … I don’t have any problem comparing my energy level to Donald Trump.”

Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

In an interview with Snapchat that was posted last week in Vanity Fair, Biden acknowledged that “Trump is a master at laying nicknames on people,” adding that “I’m really resisting giving a nickname to” the president.

But he added, “I can hardly wait to get onto the stage with Donald Trump.”

Biden’s speech on Monday was beset by problems. In the live-streamed appearance from his home in Delaware, he accused Trump of fanning flames of “hate, fear and xenophobia” toward Asian Americans amid the COVID-19 pandemic

“The pandemic has unleashed familiar forces of hate, fear and xenophobia that he always flames … that have always existed in this society,” Biden said. “But this president brought it with him, has brought with it a new rash of racial messages, verbal and physical attacks and other acts of hate, some subtle, some overt, against the Asian American and Pacific Islanders.”

But Biden was repeatedly interrupted by honking Canada geese at a nearby pond. “You’re going to hear, there’s a pond on the other side of my property here. A lot of Canadian geese. If you hear them honking away, they’re cheering, that’s what they’re about,” Biden said at one point.

There were other distractions: chirping birds, a ringing iPhone and what was presumably a Secret Service agent standing in the background of his camera shot.

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