John Solomon Shreds Fiona Hill's Testimony: "How Dare You"

Investigative reporter John Solomon was not happy about former National Security Council official Fiona Hill's impeachment hearing testimony.

During her testimony, Hill hammered the award-winning investigative journalist by questioning his patriotism and calling his reporting "Russian propaganda."


This comment by Hill clearly exposed her extreme political bias considering Solomon is a very accurate and professional journalist who always uses government documents and verified reports to support his reporting.

On Thursday evening, Solomon responded to Hill's comments in a fiery tweet.

"How dare Fiona Hill question my patriotism or suggest I was part of a Russian disinformation campaign without a single fact," he said. "My sources were all US officials or Ukrainian officials aligned against Russia. Her accusations must have made Joe McCarthy smile up from hell."

Solomon doubled down in a second tweet where he addressed Hill's accusation of him promoting Russian propaganda.

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"Fiona Hill suggested my Ukraine stories were Russian propaganda. If she’s such an expert she would know my main character Yuriy Lutsenko was a political prisoner of the Russian backed Yanukovych regime and the US pleaded for his release and applauded his appointment as prosecutor," Solomon slammed.

Fox News host Jessie Watters also addressed Hill's comments during an epic rant on Fox News' "The Five."

Watters started out by explaining how the Democrats' main argument of a quid pro quo involving military aid to Ukraine failed.

"The hoax is over. It's done. This whole thing is up in smoke," Watters started. "I mean, you guys tried, you failed. You didn't have one witness to testify that Trump directed a quid pro quo involving military aid. Not one. So let's go home, let's just forget it all happened. Nancy Pelosi wasted everyone's time. What did she do in 2019, Juan? She got bullied by AOC, she shut down the government and then she failed to impeach the president. We're going to look back at 2019 like what? You did nothing. No NAFTA renegotiation, no drug prices, no infrastructure. What happened today? Someone overheard a phone call. So what? He eavesdropped? The president said I don't give a blank about Ukraine. Well, neither does the country."

The Fox News host went on to slam impeachment Fiona Hill: "The other one had a great accent. Why was she even there? I mean, this is the reason Trump is dual-tracking diplomacy in Ukraine in the first place because of people like Fiona. Because Fiona doesn't even know there was Ukraine collusion. I mean, she actually met Christopher Steele and saw the dossier before the dossier went public. I mean, the whole thing comes down to this. Trump's vision aligns with populism, skeptical of foreign aid and doesn't like these swampy Joe Biden-type deals. So we're looking at this. This is the best you got? Try again."

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