Joke? White House Claims it Found Out About Trump Raid on Twitter Like All of Us

The White House claims that it was oblivious to any federal police activity that was taking place as the FBI raided President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club on Monday evening, at least according to unnamed sources who spoke to mainstream media outlets. The raid took place in Palm Beach, Florida.

According to one of those dreaded “source familiar” individuals who run their mouths without any responsibility, senior White House officials got to know about the FBI’s operation on Trump’s “Southern White House” the same way the rest of us did and had no prior warning of the operation. The New York Times published an article that revealed how the White House found out about the raid. The article stated, “Aides to President Biden said they were stunned by the development and learned of it from Twitter.” Stunned. What a delightful coincidence.

To suggest that this assertion or explanation won’t fly with a large number of Americans would be an understatement. The major law enforcement agency of the federal government, which is the essence of executive authority, chose to raid the residence of the previous president, and the White House didn’t know about it until people began tweeting about it. What kind of executive power is that?

That makes it sound either like the White House is telling lies or that the FBI was trying to keep the White House from having foreknowledge of the raid search in Palm Beach, which is neither a particularly strong view for the FBI nor for the administration of President Joe Biden to be putting forward.

More interestingly, if the White House genuinely didn’t know anything about the intentions to raid Mar-a-Lago, then who is supervising the FBI and taking responsibility for any of its other activities? Who knows whether the Democrats and the mainstream press who are applauding this are enthused by the idea that the FBI is defecting anywhere it wants and trying to return to some of its J. Edgar Hoover origins or are they delighted that a Democrat presidency is using federal government law enforcement to attack political rivals? One thing is certain: they will be outraged if a Republican administration uses federal law enforcement to target political opponents.

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In the days that are to come, there will undoubtedly be calls for the White House, the Department of Justice, and the FBI to explain how the raid came to be, who was aware of it, and what its purpose was. It is safe to assume that Karine Jean-Pierre is not looking ahead to her next press briefing at the White House.

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