Jonathan Turley: Threats Against GOP, Trump Supporters, Must be Denounced

For four years, supporters of President Donald Trump as well as members of his administration and Cabinet have been subject to horrendous allegations, outrageous smear campaigns, and even physical assaults.

Democrats and their left-wing sycophantic mobs have all justified the attacks because they have successfully dehumanized the president’s supporters – fellow American citizens who aren’t “Nazis” or “fascists” or “white supremacists” (especially Trump supporters of color), but who simply agree with the Trump’s America First agenda and adore his patriotism.

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Trump has never said he is only building an America for ‘his people’ and certainly not just for white folks: He has always said he is working to make our country ‘great again’ for all Americans, regardless of political preferences, ethnic background, or socioeconomic status.

And by all measures, he succeeded. Pre-COVID (with the Democrats are continuing to exploit for raw political power), our economy benefited all classes of Americans. Wages were up across the board. Take-home pay for nearly everyone was higher. Taxes on nearly every earner were lower. And our country was well on its way to some of its best years ever.

But again, the unhinged Democrat left can’t stand that a reality TV billionaire who won the presidency his first time trying was so successful. And they take out their angst and unhinged anger on his supporters.

That’s inherently dangerous and won’t lead our country to anyplace that is good, argues constitutional expert and law professor Jonathan Turley.

What’s more, he says, hassling and trying to shame anyone who is assisting the president’s efforts to ensure election integrity following a very suspicious national election is wrong and ought to be roundly condemned.

“The Lincoln Project has led a national effort to harass any lawyers who represent Republicans or the Trump campaign. While it will be difficult to rescind such a vote, the silence in the media and from Democratic leaders on this harassment is chilling. Indeed, Democratic leaders have joined in the personal attacks,” Turley, a professor at George Washington University, noted.

He was specifically commenting in response to two GOP election officials in Wayne County, Mich., rescinding their vote to certify the ballot results because they are not certain the results are legitimate.

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“What is missing however are calls in the media or from Democratic leaders to end such campaign of intimidation and abuse by groups like The Lincoln Project,” Turley said. “While President-elect Joe Biden has called for unity and healing, he has said nothing about the campaign against Trump campaign lawyers and their clients. He has said nothing about reports of violent threats against officials or lawyers tied to election challenges.”

The left has been trying to dehumanize Trump and his supporters and anyone who assists him so they can justify inflicting violence upon us later. Make no mistake that’s what their abuse is about. 

And don’t look for Biden or his running mate, Kamala Harris, to repudiate it.

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