Joy Behar’s Dumbest Take Ever; The Right Doesn’t Attack Biden Because ‘He Looks Like Them’

When it comes to dumbing down the political discourse in America there are few who do it better than the hosts of “The View” and this time Joy Behar has really outdone herself.

Following a bombshell Politico report that detailed the toxic work environment in the office of president-in-waiting Kamala Harris, the left is circling the wagons to defend a woman who may be the most unqualified person to ever be within a heartbeat of the presidency.

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Harris has long been a favorite of the shrieking harpies at the popular ABC daytime television show and it should be completely expected that they would have her back, but Behar’s bizarre explanation for why she has been criticized by non-Democrats is as mind-blowing as the sad fact that much of the gullible audience of “The View” will unquestioningly accept it.

According to Behar, the “right-wing” doesn’t go after Biden because he is a “white guy” who “looks like the base on the right,” an asinine statement when compared with the reality that ever since he was installed into the White House, the nation’s 46th president has been slammed on a daily basis with Harris largely being an afterthought unless she makes a political blunder.

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Host Sunny Hostin attributed the Politico report to – you guessed it – racism but added the caveat that there may be a kernel of truth in it that Harris may also be a demanding boss; “I think that this has a lot to do with, yes, politics, but it also has a lot to do with the fact that she’s a woman of color and a woman because we know that things that are acceptable for men are not acceptable for women.” She said, “Maybe she’s, you know, running a tight ship. Maybe she’s expecting a lot from the people that work for her.”

Behar interjected; “You know, there’s something about this story that doesn’t pass the smell test for me. I mean, this is the second big story about Kamala Harris, a negative. The first was at the border, and now this. She’s only been at the job for six months.” making an excuse for Harris who is clearly in over her head.

She then said, “You know, what’s interesting is this will be used by the right-wing to attack the Biden Administration. Isn’t it interesting they go after a Black woman? They don’t go after a white guy, Joe Biden because Joe Biden looks like the base on the right. He looks like them. It’s hard to get mad at him because then they get mad at themselves. Something psychological is going on there. She doesn’t look like the base so it’s easy to go after her. I don’t put much stake in this. I think this article is meaningless. Politico pretty much goes right so I don’t trust it.”

Despite efforts to discredit the Politico story, there is no question that it was immensely damaging to Harris, especially coming only days after Biden’s border czar made her first trip to Texas where she made a public relations appearance hundreds of miles away from the area affected by the crisis.

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No matter how hard that Behar and other Harris loyalists try to spin it otherwise, it is increasingly apparent that Biden’s knuckling under to the demands of kingmaker Rep. James Clyburn to only select a black woman as a running mate has spectacularly blown up in his face.