Judge Jeanine: Dem Attacks On Judge Barrett's Religion Will Be 'Vicious And Unrelenting' 

Judge Jeanine Pirro called out Democrats for the coming savagery that will be unleased on Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett who will be viciously attacked for her Catholic religion. 

On Saturday, President Trump made it official when he nominated Judge Barrett to the nation's highest court as a replacement for the dearly departed Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died of pancreatic cancer last week. 


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Democrats are vowing to go scorched earth in order to prevent the confirmation of Barrett, the third SCOTUS justice that Trump has selected during his first term and Judge Jeanine warned that what's coming will make the disgraceful Brett Kavanaugh hearings look like child's play. 

During the Opening Statement monologue of Saturday's "Justice With Judge Jeanine" the Fox host called out Democrat lies on why a confirmation can't be held this close to the election and warned of the coming attacks on Judge Barrett's religious faith. 

Per Pirro:

"...the attack on Judge Barrett's Catholic religion will be vicious and unrelenting.

Let's be clear. The left is about abortion; first-term, second-term, third-term and others. Abortion even after birth which I call infanticide."

According to Judge Jeanine:

We are in the fight of our lives, it is a fight between good and evil, truth and lies, freedom and anarchy, law and order, and the future of the greatest experiment in democracy, the United States.

President Trump's nomination today of Amy Coney Barrett, a brilliant scholar, jurist, constitutional textualist, mother of seven with an unblemished reputation will cement the conservative leaning of the Supreme Court for decades to come.

This alone will put the left over the edge.

Judge Barrett's upcoming Senate confirmation hearing will make now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh's horrific hearing look like child's play.

In their continuing effort to upend the system and prevent this nomination, they will say or do anything to convince you that its not proper including these three things.

One: The president has no right to do this now. That's a lie. Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution makes clear that the president shall appoint with the advice and consent of the Senate to the Supreme Court.

There is no talk of discretion, delay, procrastination or waiting for the next guy. It is required. The word is shall, not may, not can, he shall.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself said the president does not cease to be the president any time during his four years. And Joe Biden - assuming he can even remember this - said in 2016 the president should proceed with the Supreme Court nominee even if he only has a few months before the election and Obama at that time was a lame duck.

At least here, Donald Trump may very well continue to be the president, and tonight, Joe Biden has an even different tune.

Biden clip: "Don't vote to confirm anyone nominated under the circumstances that President Trump and Senator McConnell have created.

Two: The people must determine by the next presidential election who the Supreme Court candidate should be.

That's not only a lie, it's stupid.

We have a president, he appoints, not the people and many who voted said they voted for President Trump because he would select conservative justices and he did what he said he would do so now deal with it.

Elections have consequences, remember?

Three: Nancy Pelosi says appointing a Supreme Court nominee at this time is an abuse of power and she now threatens impeachment.

Now, you already know that Article II, Section 2 ways she's wrong but the Constitution has never stopped Nancy before and she's threatened that she has even other arrows in her quiver.

Folks, this is nothing but a grab for raw political power.

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Pirro continued:

And then AOC comes out to say, we are playing with fire. Really? What kind of fire? As in burning down more buildings? As if maybe trying to burn down another courthouse with police locked in the building like Portland?

RBG's corpse hadn't even reached room temperature before the leftist mob was vowing to unleash the riots and the violent insurrection that has replaced legitimate political discourse and which are all tacitly sanctioned by the Democratic party. 

The truth is that Amy Coney Barett represents what is hated the most by the left: a strong, successful, straight, white, conservative family woman who would bring to the Supreme Court a respect for the law and the Constitution that the activist Ginsburg never had. 

Check out Judge Jeanine's entire Opening Statement segment HERE

Once Barrett is confirmed and Dem attempts to steal the election through voter fraud and legal trickery have been defeated, President Trump would do well to consider Judge Jeanine for the Supreme Court when the next vacancy opens up.