Judge Jeanine Reveals How Fox News STILL Limits Her

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro surprised many this week when she revealed that Fox News did suspend her earlier this year over comments she made about Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Her admission is significant because Fox News has not officially acknowledged that Pirro was suspended back in March -- but now Pirro says she was taken off the air for fiery comments about Omar.


During an interview Tuesday on Salem Radio Network’s “America First with Sebastian Gorka,” Pirro appears to have accidentally acknowledged her suspension during a commercial break.

While the radio program was on commercial, Gorka was talking to Pirro about her upcoming book and events she had planned in Washington, D.C.

The camera was still rolling and the microphones were still on.

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Below is a transcript of the exchange:

GORKA: Hey Jeanine, we’re still live, the mics are live on YouTube. Are you doing any events in D.C. again? In the near future?

PIRRO: I don’t know yet. In fact I’m going in tonight, I’m doing Hannity tonight and I gotta find out. They just send me my schedule every day. But if I am, believe me, you’re in it —

GORKA: We’d love to have you. Because we post everything, the video, on YouTube and we’re getting a quarter of a million views in two days for our biggest interviews with DiGenova and everybody, so we’d love to have you in studio.

PIRRO: Oh good. I love it. I would love it. We’ll see if they let me. You know Fox reviews everything. They’re unbelievable.

GORKA: Yeah but you have got a window because you’ve got a new book. You should have a carve out right?

PIRRO: No. They’re still saying you cannot do Bill O’Reilly, you cannot do Newsmax, you cannot do — oh no —

GORKA: That’s a shame.

PIRRO: You know what, they suspended me. And I’m not going to get fired. You know I’m worried that that suspension was the basis to tee up for anything I do wrong, they’ll fire me.

GORKA: Keep doing what you do, keep doing what you do.

Listen below:

Back in March, Pirro tore into Omar during a segment on her Fox program that quickly went viral.

She called out Omar for making several anti-Semitic comments and questioned whether Omar's Islamic faith would take precedent over the U.S. Constitution.

After outrage from the liberal mob, Fox apparently suspended Pirro for three weeks and didn't necessarily tell anyone that it was over her comments about Omar.

Now we know that Fox caved and turned on one of their most popular hosts for calling out Omar.