Judge Rejects Efforts By Biden Allies To Cancel Massive Trump Rally

A judge has rejected an attempt by Democrat allies to prevent President Trump from resuming his popular rallies for the first time since the coronavirus lockdowns were imposed on Americans. 

Efforts to cancel President Trump's return to the campaign trail this weekend are ongoing as the desperate left is pulling out all of the stops to terrorize local officials into pulling the plug. 


Following weeks of endorsing the destructive riots in major U.S. cities as righteous racial justice despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the anti-Trump resistance is now back to using the disease to crack down on public gatherings. 

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The target is Saturday's rally in Tulsa, a massive gathering that has received hundreds of thousands of ticket requests to see the leader of the free world deliver his message live and in person. 

Democrats and the media are pushing a full scale fearmongering campaign that the virus is intelligent enough to not infect thousands of densely-packed "peaceful" protesters but will rage like the black plague throughout the greater Tulsa area with the BOK Center as the epicenter. 

The most serious effort to deprive Americans of their right to free assembly has been undertaken by a pack of legal weasels cut from the same cloth as those who are currently engaged in the railroading of General Michael Flynn. 

An Oklahoma judge has smacked down the request to issue an emergency motion that would have led to the cancellation of the rally. 

Via Fox News, "Oklahoma judge refuses to require social distancing at Trump’s Tulsa rally amid coronavirus concerns":

A Tulsa, Okla., judge blocked an emergency attempt to keep President Trump’s upcoming campaign rally from happening as planned after plaintiffs claimed that it would be a coronavirus “super-spreader” that would endanger the public.

The lawsuit, brought by two Oklahoma residents who say they are immuno-compromised, claim that the rally poses a danger because the expected large crowd will not be following social distancing practices and will not be required to wear face masks. They filed an emergency motion seeking a temporary restraining order so the event would not be able to go on as planned.

“It does not appear by the Petition that Plaintiffs are entitled to the relief demanded,” Judge Rebecca Brett Nightingale said in a one-page order.

Plaintiffs Shannon Martin and Stephen Bruner, along with the Greenwood Centre and the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation, sued ASM Global, operators of the Bank of Oklahoma Center, where the event is set to take place, hoping the court would force them to shut it down for health reasons.

“All credible, qualified medical experts, including the CDC, agree that this type of mass-gathering indoor event creates the greatest possible risk of community-wide viral transmission,” the complaint says.

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Back in March, former Obama-Clinton White House operative and ex-Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel gloated about how the coronavirus would force President Trump to call off his rallies. 

It worked like a dream until the video of the George Floyd killing went viral and the streets were filled with protesters and violent miscreants who were not practicing the social distancing that Democrats and the "experts" had promoted for months but made an exception for those involved in the insurrection. 

The greatest fear of the anti-Trump resistance it to have the POTUS out in front of energized crowds while they keep Joe Biden locked in his basement for the next four months. 

The Biden allies are expected to take their demands to the Oklahoma Supreme Court where the fate of Saturday's rally will ultimately be decided.