Armed Individual Tries To Breach Cincinnati FBI Building

FBI seal

According to new reports from Newsmax, an armed man wearing full body armor attempted to make his way through a security screening area at the Cincinnati FBI field office in Ohio on Thursday and then attempted to flee, exchanging gunfire during a standoff with law enforcement.

The report went on to reveal that the confrontation at the Cincinnati field office comes just as federal officials warn of a potential uptick in threats against agents following the raid on former President Donald Trump’s residence in Florida by the bureau.

See how they are already attempting to paint Trump supporters as violent, psychotic individuals who are ready to participate in acts of violence and terrorism in retaliation for the persecution of the former president? Wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest to find out the guy who did this was actually a Democrat.

Even if not, there are a million different reasons a person could have for doing the things they do. To immediately try and tie this back to support of Trump alone and paint all Trump fans as domestic terrorists is absurd.

Here’s more from the Newsmax report:

Federal officials said the man had “attempted to breach” the visitor’s screening area at the FBI office and fled when he was confronted by agents. He was chased onto Interstate 71 and has exchanged gunfire with police, according to the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency.

Authorities have closed the interstate in both directions as police remained in a standoff. No injuries were immediately reported.

Officials in Ohio have locked down a mile radius near the interstate and urged residents and business owners to lock doors and stay inside.

An FBI evidence team has arrived at the office to investigate, according to multiple media reports.

There have been growing threats in recent days against FBI agents and offices across the country since federal agents executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago. On Gab, a social media site popular with white supremacists and antisemites, users have warned they are preparing for an armed revolution.

Apparently, federal agents have also been checking in on chats they have been seeing on Gab, along with other social media platforms, that feature individuals threatening to commit acts of violence against federal agents. FBI Director Christopher Wray slammed the call for violence as paid the bureau office in Nebraska a visit on Wednesday.

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“Violence against law enforcement is not the answer, no matter who you’re upset with,” Wray went on to say during his visit Wednesday in Omaha.

The FBI then went on to issue a warning for its agents to steer clear of protesters and to make sure their security key cards were “not visible outside FBI space,” citing the increase in threats on social media sites.

I’m not denying there are folks out there with a couple of screws loose who probably would commit awful, egregious acts of violence against FBI agents over the raid this week, but I implore any and all individuals who call themselves conservatives to not participate in such acts and ruin the fine testimony of all who still support Trump.

This is what the radical left wants from us. Don’t give in to what you hear on the news and respond with uncontrolled anger. There is a better way.

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