Kaepernick To Publish “Deeply Personal” Children’s Book With Focus On Race

Former NFL quarterback and social justice messiah Colin Kaepernick will be preaching his subversive message to impressionable young minds with a new children’s book set to hit stores next year.

Kaepernick, who discarded his once-promising football career when he chose to protest a country that made it possible for him to become a multimillionaire by taking a knee during the national anthem before games, has been able to leverage social media activism into becoming a figurehead of the anti-Trump resistance and has provided much of the fuel for the anti-police mania and the revisionist history that America’s founding principle was slavery.

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While many athletes who chose to be activists during periods of real oppression such as the civil rights era and the Vietnam war were able to eloquently discuss and defend their political viewpoints, the inarticulate Kaepernick has never given a meaningful speech, participated in a real debate, or put his thoughts into any form of intellectually inspiring writing for adult audiences.

Instead, he will be publishing his magnum opus detailing his own young life in a picture book that will target kids who are already being indoctrinated with the poisonous and divisive doctrine of Critical Race Theory and he announced the upcoming “I Color Myself Different” in a missive from his Twitter account, a “deeply personal” offering that will be published in April 2022.

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According to the press release by Kaepernick Publishing; “On April 5, 2022, Scholastic will release I Color Myself Different, a picture book inspired by a significant childhood memory of when Kaepernick first documented that he was different from his adopted white family. During a kindergarten exercise on drawing families, Kaepernick remembers putting down the yellow crayon he had been using to draw his family and picking up the brown crayon for himself. This moment crystallized for him the differences marked by his adoption, and how acknowledging those distinctions could encourage us all to be more accepting of ourselves and each other.”

The idea that the book will promote acceptance is a head-scratcher considering Kaepernick’s considerable history of dumping on America, the police, and engaging in racially divisive rhetoric on Twitter.

The press release quotes Kaepernick; “This story is deeply personal to me, and inspired by real events in my life. I hope that it honors the courage and bravery of young people everywhere by encouraging them to live with authenticity and purpose,” He said, “I’m excited for Kaepernick Publishing to be collaborating with Scholastic on books with Black and Brown voices at the forefront. I hope that our books will inspire readers to walk through the world with confidence, strength, and truth in all they do.”

Kaepernick recently took to Twitter to announce Kapernick Publishing’s first book calling for the freeing of violent criminals and the abolition of the police. both of which have much support with Democrats in Congress and inside of the White House.

Following his year of controversial kneeling during the Star-Spangled Banner, an act of blatant disrespect that badly damaged the NFL’s ratings as alienated fans tuned out, Kaepernick chose to walk away from his contract with the San Francisco 49ers and never played another down of real football, freeing him up to focus on trashing America and fomenting racial resentment.

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Kaepernick who was once the starting quarterback in a Super Bowl and fell just short of pulling off a miraculous comeback may be out of football but his antics so impressed leftist NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that the league discarded the patriotism that made into one of America’s most iconic brands to go full “woke” and this season, will feature the “Black National Anthem” before its games.

Thanks to the likes of Kaepernick and his fellow racial grievance travelers, the days when America was a diverse “melting pot” of opportunity for all is headed for the history books where it will one day be erased entirely when the younger generations who are currently being brainwashed are in charge of all major institutions.

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