Kamala Harris Claims That Blacks Have Been "Disproportionately Harmed" By Trump

When it comes to Democrats there is only one card in the deck and they never hesitate to play it as a replacement for legitimate political discourse. 

Never has a presidential campaign been so dependent on the race card as that of Joe Biden whose own checkered past should make him the last one to point fingers given his praise for segregationists and a crime bill that has disproportionately affected black men. 


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But for all of Biden's race-baiting, he has nothing on his running mate Kamala Harris who ironically descends from a family that owned slaves but has built her political career on racial demagoguery. 

Now Harris is calling for all black people to vote for her and Biden and promoting the lie that blacks have been "disproportionally harmed" by President Trump whose economic policies resulted in record low black unemployment before the Democrat coronavirus lockdowns. 

In a Friday op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the ambitious Californian sought to put a tourniquet on a campaign that according to polls, has been losing a distressing portion of the black vote to Trump. 

Via The Hill, Kamala Harris: "Black Americans have been 'disproportionately harmed' by Trump":

Vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) implored fellow African Americans to "do the right thing" and vote for her and presidential nominee Joe Biden this November, saying President Trump has done more to hurt Blacks than any other group of citizens in the country.  

"The Black community understands just how critical this election is — because we are living the consequences of the last election every day. When it comes to nearly every issue that affects our lives, we have been disproportionately harmed by President Donald Trump and the failures of his administration," Harris wrote in an op-ed published Friday in the Philadelphia Tribune, one of the oldest continuously published Black newspapers in the country. "Make no mistake — our plans are achievable. But first, we need to vote. And we need to vote early."

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The gist of Harris's column is that Trump is a racist although it has been intentionally forgotten by the media that she also accused Biden of being one during a presidential debate last year. 

Harris also distorted the facts about Trump's policies lifting blacks economically but invoking the coronavirus, the dishonest latest line of attack from the Biden campaign. 

Via the Inquirer:

A strong leader sees a challenge and takes it head on. President Trump saw a challenge and hid under the covers. From the beginning, he knew how deadly the coronavirus was — but he lied to the American people about the threat it posed and refused to contain its spread. As a result, America now has more than 6.6 million infections. More than 195,000 people have died. And Black and brown communities have been hit hardest of all. As of July, Black people accounted for nearly 60% of COVID hospitalizations here in Philadelphia — more than people of any other race or ethnicity.

And Trump’s inability to get the virus under control has led to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression — a crisis that is disproportionately hurting Black families and businesses. According to one study, as of April, a staggering 40% of Black-owned businesses had shut down compared to just 17% of white-owned businesses. But few Black-owned businesses benefited from the $2 trillion rescue package Congress passed in April.

Black people are also more likely to be “essential workers,” which puts them at greater risk of contracting the virus. They are also more likely to experience chronic health conditions like diabetes, which makes them more vulnerable to complications that could worsen cases of COVID-19.

And the long unspoken truth is, these inequities were baked into our system long before this virus exploited and exacerbated them.

It's truly shocking that one of America's major political parties has become so dependent on promoting racism but then again, the Democrats are the party of slavery, segregation and Jim Crow and even a black female like Harris can't wash that out of their DNA. 



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