WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany is BACK, Unleashes on “Flip-Flop” Dr. Fauci in Epic Rant

During an appearance on Fox News, President Donald Trump’s former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany unleashed on Dr. Anthony Fauci for his constant “flip-flops.”

The comments, which came on Tuesday during Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” came in response to Fauci’s position pivots on the origins of the coronavirus pandemic as well as masks.


The segment was launched by New York Post columnist Miranda Devine who blasted the media for creating confusion on the lab leak theory considering they tried to discredit it after former President Trump promoted the theory.

“It’s about this cheerleader form of journalism where they anointed certain people and certain authorities as you know the saints, could say no wrong,” Devine said, while referring to Dr. Fauci, the World Health Organization and Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

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“People were sitting in their laundry rooms just swooning over him. same with Anthony Fauci. How many magazine covers has he been on? And they sanctified the wrong people. The problem is when you have the cheerleaders in the media deciding that everything that comes out of Anthony Fauci’s mouth is correct and everything that comes out of President Trump’s mouth is wrong, they don’t look at the facts, they don’t judge them logically,” Devine added.

“It was obvious from the beginning as you and the president said, that the evidence pointed to the most plausible theory, being the lab leak hypothesis. No one was saying it was definite, but there was so much circumstantial evidence, that intelligence agencies had allowed us to see. And there were journalists who were ignored, who wrote about it and spoke about this,” Devine continued.

“The worry is that now we are a year on and suddenly the media that was denying the truth back then is accepting reality, but we’ve lost valuable time,” she said. “It’s like a murder and the corpse is dead. The crime scene is finished. They’ve caused great harm to this country and then when you talk about social media censoring anybody who raises questions about it, it’s chilling, it’s Orwellian.”

“To the point about public health authorities, Dr. Fauci, in particular, didn’t just do it about-face on the origins of COVID, he did an about-face on mask-wearing, an about-face on asymptomatic spread, a flip-flop on the timing of the vaccine, that’s a lot of about-faces and flip-flops,” McEnany replied.

“He only has one face, but you wouldn’t know it,” Harris Faulkner joined in.

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