Kayleigh McEnany, James Woods, Team Trump, and the Senate now being censored on Social Media

Yesterday, The New York Post broke the internet with their report about Joe and Hunter Biden. While the left-wing media mobs are still scrambling to de-legitimize the New York Post bombshell report about Joe and Hunter Biden's corruption, Twitter has fully stepped up to the plate to censor everything within their reach.

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany was locked out of her account for spreading awareness on the Bidens.


Similarly, The New York Post was also locked out from posting on Twitter.

Of of this morning, the account "Team Trump"  - the biggest Trump Campaign account with over 2-million followers, was also locked out for calling out Joe Biden.

Among others, was well-known conservative celebrity and influencer, James Woods. Woods had his account shut down when he tweeted the link to the Senate Judiciary Committee's report on the matter.

The most shocking move Twitter has made so far is censoring the Senate Judiciary Committee's Official Report. The United States Senate Committee Judiciary Committee is being limited on social media.

Twitter, along with Big Tech at-large, is now deciding what information the United States Senate is allowed to communicate online. Tucker Carlson described yesterday as "a dark day in America" - the day when we no longer have to question whether out First Amendment is under siege.  

It shouldn't be difficult to see that this is a slippery slope for our country. It won't be long until Big Tech, with their social-media monopolies is actively and aggressively protecting Democratic politicians by hiding information from the public.

Big Tech and the democratic party have been forming an alliance for years. Kamala Harris's former Press Secretary is one of the chief operating personnel for the Communications Department at Twitter. There are many other examples of this strategic placement of left-wing "operatives".

So far, the media and tech industry has only attacked the media companies when they publish stories that harm the democratic agenda, but how long will it be until the tech companies start attacking the individual writers of these news stories? At what point will the American people deicide they prefer truth over censorship?

As a reminder, a laptop belonging Hunter Biden revealed emails showing that his father, Joe Biden, knew significantly more about Hunter's business endeavors than he previously told the American people. 

Documents show that Hunter Biden acted as a liaison for foreign interests to have access to the then Vice President. 

The Presidential Nominee went into hiding yesterday after the report broke. From the Post:

Amid a bombshell report by The Post that Hunter Biden introduced his dad to an executive at Ukraine’s Burisma energy company less than a year before then-Vice President Joe Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor whose office investigated the company, Team Biden called a “lid” for reporters before 10 a.m.

“The Biden campaign has called a lid for in-person events,” wrote Biden press pool reporter Sabrina Siddiqui of the Wall Street Journal, indicating that the candidate would not be making any public appearances or fielding questions Wednesday.

The Democratic presidential candidate — huddled in his Wilmington, Del., home — has not directly responded to The Post’s reporting, including on a document that appears to debunk his prior claim that he had “never spoken” with his son about his “overseas business dealing,” including a reported $83,000 monthly job on the board of Burisma.

There appears to be significant corruption within the Biden family and their foreign affairs, however the social media companies and the mainstream media are refusing to cover the story or let is be posted online. 

On Fox Business this morning, President Trump described the the social media companies as "a third arm" of the democratic party - going on to say that the radical-left is the America's biggest problem right now. 

With the implications and dangers of media censorship as apparent as they've ever been, the president has been bringing up Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which has allowed Tech Companies to take full control of online information. Unfortunately, with less than three weeks until the Presidential election, this is something that wont likely be addressed until sometime next year. 


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