Keith Olbermann Demands Prison Time For President Trump, Ivanka And Don Jr. In Deranged Rant

Not even the prospect of a Biden-Harris administration will satisfy the more deranged elements of the so-called resistance who are braying for revenge. 

ignoring good old Joe from Scranton’s insincere calls for “unity,” celebrities are using their social media platforms to incite violence as did Arrested Development star David Cross whose response to Biden’s call for healing was “f**k that, I want blood” in a viral tweet on the day after Christmas.

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Biden’s “win” and likely installation into the White House has done nothing to pacify the demons that are frolickingicking inside of Keith Olberman’s head and the unhinged former MSNBC anchor is now calling for the post-inauguration imprisonment of President Trump and his children. 

In another of his demented fascistic rants posted to his YouTube channel right before Christmas, Olbermann spewed his hatred: 

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“Donald Trump should spend the rest of his life in prison! His grifting sons and daughters should spend the rest of their lives in prison!”

This time, the fallen liberal star who was kicked to the curb by MSNBC in favor of the slightly more stable conspiracy queen Rachel Maddow was triggered by Trump’s use of his constitutionally granted right to grant pardons. 

According to Olbermann:

“Can there be any assessment of Donald Trump’s occupancy of our White House that does not bluntly concede that he is the head of an organized crime family? And he and all who went down the path of corruption and immorality with him must spend the rest of their lives in court defending their contempt for the law, defending their contempt for ethics, defending their contempt for America.

“I have both deep admiration and personal affection for President-elect Biden, and if there is one political figure who can accomplish the healing he has repeatedly said he wants, it is him and his desire to keep the White House out of the Justice Department is noble and correct, but healing can only follow justice.”

“Donald Trump should spend the rest of his life in prison! His grifting sons and daughters should spend the rest of their lives in prison! His disgusting henchmen, from William Barr to Stephen Miller to Steve Bannon, should spend the rest of their lives in prison! Those fascist, anti-democracy Trump conspirators attempting right now to overthrow the government of the United States, from Rudy Giuliani to Sidney Powell to House Minority Leader McCarthy to the other 125 Republican representatives, they should spend the rest of their lives in prison!

“Therefore, I call upon President-elect Biden to select as an attorney general someone who’s first act after the inauguration will be to appoint an independent special counsel with a full remit to investigate and prosecute anyone and anything connected to the Trump criminal presidency. Period! And Trump first. Then this country can heal. Not before!”

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Spoken like the poster boy for a streak of liberal fascism that the political left no longer even bothers to try to conceal. 

The graying, once-dapper Olbermann has gone completely off the deep end since he was jettisoned by his former employer and outside of a short return to ESPN, he has spent the years since his prime time departure on the internet raving about Trump. 

He had previously called for President Trump to get the death penalty for every single COVID death which doesn’t seem to be remotely excessive to those with late-stage TDS. 

Olbermann has also called for criminalizing political differences, “you’re godd***right” and called for the jailing of Trump supporters. 

His career has been on a downward trajectory ever since he was forced out at MSNBC and his arrogance has left a trail of wrecked relationships in his wake including at “woke” sports network ESPN which he just left, possibly to get out before massive cuts due to horrific ratings.

Now he is just a sad and angry old man spewing profanities and ranting into the camera against Trump who he clearly has a personal grudge against, perhaps over the condo that he once owned in Manhattan’s Trump Palace.

To watch KO unravel on his sad internet show after his career circled the drain and was sucked down is like watching a car crash in slow motion and at this rate, it is only a matter of time until he completely snaps.

Someone needs to arrange an intervention and soon.

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