Kyle Rittenhouse Puts Liberal Media ON BLAST — Let’s Them Know Lawsuits Coming

Kyle Rittenhouse will never be able to live a normal life. There’s really no chance, considering how he’ll constantly be crucified by the liberal press.

The fact that he even considered attending college in-person right after being acquitted is almost a head-scratcher, given how historically violent and hostile far-left radicals are toward anyone with a differing opinion.

At the end of the day, let’s hope Kyle goes hard after these MSM goons.

From Newsmax:

Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager acquitted for two fatal 2020 shootings in Wisconsin, is warning media outlets that he might be filing lawsuits.

At a gathering of conservatives Monday hosted by Turning Point USA, Rittenhouse, 18, said “accountability is coming, I’d be on the lookout” — prompting cheers from the audience, the Arizona Republic reported.

Kyle noted, “I think my trial was an example of them trying to come after our Second Amendment rights, our right to defend ourselves and trying to take our weapons.”


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