Latino Vote Continues to Trend Higher for Trump, GOP

There’s no way to really tell which way the presidential and congressional elections are going to go because the establishment media in America is replete with left-wing hacks who couldn’t be straight with people on a bet.

Polling data is so skewed that it really doesn’t serve as a measure of opinion but rather as a driver of it. 

Rush Limbaugh discussed it on his Wednesday program, noting that stories and polling predicting wild leads for Democratic nominee Joe Biden and ‘tanking support’ for President Donald Trump is nothing but the leftist media’s attempt at voter suppression.

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With that in mind, why should we believe that trend lines for minorities in the U.S. are becoming more favorable to the president and Republicans in general? Because a) we’ve seen a lot of polling indicating that (and polling wouldn’t otherwise indicate it because most are left-wing outfits); and b) minorities themselves are increasingly becoming more vocal about their support.

NPR spoke to several Latinos in the new battleground state of Arizona and received some surprising (and refreshing, at least to us) responses of support for the president and the GOP:

The Latino vote will be key across the country, especially in tight races in places such as Arizona and Florida. This year, Latinos make up the largest nonwhite eligible voting bloc in the country, and according to polls, [they are] a part of about or over a quarter of Latinos who view this president favorably, with some polls showing Trump doing slightly better among Latinos in 2020 than he did in 2016. …

It may sound strange. This is a president who has called Mexican immigrants rapists and drug dealers, who has been accused of race baiting and whose presidency is haunted with images of migrant children separated from their parents in overcrowded detention centers. 

But the support tracks with a Republican Party effort to court Latino voters over decades.

Hispanic men are really breaking for President Trump, but the demographic, as a whole, is moving in the GOP’s direction.

“Republicans will take a larger margin than maybe they have in the past or enough that it will start to eat into the Democratic margin,” Michelle Mayorga, a New Mexico-based pollster who worked on polls for Equis Research focused on Latino voters, told NPR.

“The thing that initially attracted me and keeps me tied to him is that he has taught Republicans how to not just win, but no longer throw our faces and bodies in front of every punch that the left is willing to throw,” said Reymundo Torres, a devout Roman Catholic, ethnically Mexican and a staunch supporter of the president.

“I would point first to the development over a long period of time of a partisan loyalty to the Republican Party. And Latino Republican voters just identify as Republicans above all else, just like many Americans,” adds Geraldo Cadava, a historian at Northwestern University who wrote a book on Hispanic Republicans.

“There is a kind of tribalism among Latino Republicans, just like there is among many Americans,” he noted.

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It’s been kind of amazing to watch, I mean, in some ways the Latinos for Trump campaign, which started officially in the spring of 2019, has been relentless in recruiting Latino voters,” Cadava said. “They’re actually trying to increase Trump’s Latino support, not just kind of hold it steady or depress the turnout of Democrats. They’re trying to win more Latino votes.”

“The independent spirit of our community really drove me to the Republican ideal of making sure that you’re able to provide for yourself and your family, that you have that independence and that liberty to be able to start your own business or work where you wanted to, or go to school where you wanted to go and have those opportunities available,” said Randall Avila, an ethnic Mexican who chairs the Orange County (California) Republican Party.

He adds that he is counting on the Latino vote to flip four seats in the county the party lost in 2018 back to red. And with Trump on the ticket this time around, that might just happen.

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