Latinos in Florida Seen As More Likely to Push Trump Over Finish Line than Biden

For decades, the Democrats have owned minority voting blocs because of the identity politics they push, but there is a shift in those blocs towards Republicans and towards the current leader of the GOP, President Donald Trump, in particular.

One reason why: First-generation Latinos who hail from authoritarian regimes don’t want to see a return to similar left-wing authoritarianism in the United States.


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According to Politico, the Latino voting bloc, and specifically Cubans and Venezuelans who have escaped Communism and socialism, respectively, are flocking to President Trump because the party Joe Biden wants to lead is being taken over by Castro and Maduro sycophants.

Politico adds:

President Donald Trump has long known that his reelection hinges on him winning the battleground state of Florida — and part of that strategy means getting Cuban Americans in South Florida to the polls in large numbers.

But in Hialeah, a working-class, predominantly Cuban city just outside of Miami, a vote for Trump has become about more than just him, or even the Republican Party. It’s about patriotism.

A drive past the city’s biggest intersections shows vendors selling Trump 2020 swag and American flags. And car caravans with dozens of Trump supporters around the city have become a regular occurrence, filled with loud honking and Trump and American flags flung outside windows.

It’s a level of energy for Trump’s reelection — and a show of unabashed nationalism — that Republicans and Democrats alike here agree was not as visible in the past.

Whether the president knows it or not – he likely does – South Florida Latinos are deeply patriotic. They are grateful, like tens of millions of multigenerational Americans, to be living in the freest, most opportunity-rich country on the face of the earth.

And what’s more, they want to keep it that way.

“It’s about patriotism. If you love America, you hate socialism. And with Democrats moving toward a socialist agenda, that’s what’s got so many Cubans and other immigrants supporting Trump. They’re not supporting him necessarily. They’re supporting America,” said Nelson Diaz, chair of the Miami-Dade Republican Party.

“Trump just so happens to be the standard-bearer now, or the flag bearer I should say, but it’s really about saving America,” he added.

In fact, a vote for Trump is a vote for patriotism. In fact, Trump revived American patriotism.

When was the last you heard Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Barack and Michelle Obama, or any other Democratic leader praise our country? When have you not heard these people complain about how racist, homophobic, bigoted, and misogynistic it supposedly is? 

In fact, many of these figures and scores of others in the Democratic Party have flatly rejected the notion that America ever was great (including during “The Greatest Generation” when our country beat back and beat down authoritarianism across three oceans).

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"A Gallup poll last year showed that only 22 percent of Democrats were extremely proud to be American, compared with 76 percent of Republicans," Politico said.

Latino voters who fled authoritarian Communism and socialism or the children of parents who did know who is ‘America first’ – and it’s not Joe Biden or his party.