Leaked Pelosi Letter Warns Dems Of Possible ‘Stolen’ Election; Says Congress Could Decide Outcome

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is making moves in the case that November's election is very close.

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In a Sunday letter to House Democrats, Pelosi warned them that the 2020 Presidential election could be “stolen” from them, adding that it is possible Congress determines the outcome of the election.

Pelosi mentioned they must win enough seats in the House in order to ensure the presidential election can be handled by them if there are any issues.

Politico reported that the 12th Amendment says congressional delegations decide the next president if neither receives the 270 Electoral College vote majority in order to win the election.

In the letter, Pelosi mentions the delegations, saying if Democrats do not win big in November, the election could be compromised, according to Fox News.

“We must achieve that majority of delegations or keep the Republicans from doing so,” Pelosi said in the letter. “Because we cannot leave anything to chance, House Majority PAC is doing everything it can to win more delegations for Democrats. It’s sad we have to have to plan this way, but it’s what we must do to ensure the election is not stolen.”

“That’s why it’s so important that we support House Majority PAC right now. We have outstanding candidates in these key districts and they have built strong campaigns, but we must forcefully ensure they win. Simply put, this strategy to protect our democracy and elect Joe Biden will take an all-out effort and resources,” Pelosi wrote in the letter.

Pelosi is trying to prepare for the off-chance that neither President Donald Trump nor Joe Biden will win an outright Electoral College victory.

This would leave the fate of the presidency to the House of Representatives.

In such a scenario -- which hasn't happened since 1876 -- each state's delegation would receive a single vote in the House.

Per Politico:

Who receives that vote is determined by an internal tally of each lawmaker in the delegation. 

This means the presidency may not be decided by the party that controls the House itself but by the one that controls more state delegations in the chamber.

And right now, Republicans control 26 delegations to Democrats’ 22, with Pennsylvania tied and Michigan a 7-6 plurality for Democrats, with a 14th seat held by independent Justin Amash.

In other words, if this long-shot scenario happens, the presidency could be decided by a single seat.

This is why November's election is so critical.

Again, it's not likely this will happen, but it could all come down to 1 seat in House casting the tie-breaking vote on who wins the election.

Republicans have the advantage as of now, but that could change if Democrats pick up seats in the election.

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