LeBron James Gets Spanked In First Round Of The Playoffs; Deals Major Blow To NBA

What was already a terrible season for the National Basketball Association just took a turn for the worse. The upstart Phoenix Suns spanked LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers by a score of 113-100, ousting the defending champs in the first round of the playoffs.

King James came up short in the critical contest, hitting on only 11 of 26 from the field and 3 for 10 from behind the three-point line. This is a miserable shooting percentage for a man who has suggested that he (not the legendary Michael Jordan) is the greatest of all time.

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LeBron’s stinker definitely proves that he is indeed the GOAT, only the one with horns. Jordan’s six championships may be out of reach for the 36-year-old self-styled philosopher king and renowned expert in race relations. At this stage he has a much better game on Twitter than on the hardwood.

James showed no class in losing, stalking off of the court without shaking hands with Suns players and making a beeline to the locker room in front of a stunned home crowd at the Staples Center.

Following the embarrassment on the court, James made excuses for his coming up short: “We never really got an opportunity to see our full team at full strength either because of injury or Covid or something going on with our ballclub this year, ” he said. “We could never really fully get into a rhythm this year and never really see the full potential of what we were capable of.”

The Lakers did lose star forward Anthony Davis who played a mere 5 minutes in the game but the truly great ones find a way to elevate their games at crucial times. Jordan did this when he was sick as a dog with either the flu or food poisoning but still posted 38 points in a pivotal 1997 game five of the finals against the Utah Jazz. His Chicago Bulls would go on to win the title in six games.

It was the first time in James’ career that one of his teams didn’t make it out of the opening round and the only thing more bruised than his gargantuan ego is the NBA. After all, they just lost their top attraction and now face a complete ratings collapse.

The league’s ratings have continued their downward trajectory and any hopes that an extended playoff run by James and the Lakers would juice ratings have been dashed. Their marquee attraction now has more time to concentrate on tweeting out racially inflammatory outbursts and counting his money from Space Jam 2. That dismal remake will be released in July and could smash box office records in China.

The NBA’s embrace of the toxic Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter movement and a having surly lout like King James as its scowling public face has trashed the brand built by Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson. At one time it was “Fantastic” until it was done irreparable damage by social media-obsessed players and their anti-American cop-hating politics.

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There are signs that even the media suck-ups are turning on James. He was criticized by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith for not setting an example for his fans by promoting “the jab”. Joe Biden needs all the celebrity propaganda he can get to hit his “70 percent of Americans vaccinated by July 4th”.

“He should be ashamed of himself. LeBron James should be ashamed of himself. It was weak, his response to it. It was leaderless. It was inexcusable for him not to provide a better explanation. I’m talking about his comments when asked about it,” said Smith.

LeBron remains stuck at four championships, two short of Jordan and one back of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. Of course, last year’s title should come with a huge asterisk with it being played in the Orlando “bubble” due to COVID. Also the unexpected collapse of higher-seeded teams that resulted in a waltz through the finals against the badly overmatched Miami Heat.

Last season’s finals drew miserable ratings with only 5.6 million viewers tuning in to watch the decisive game, an all-time low and that was with LeBron. That record stands to be shattered next month without his star power.