LeBron James Recruits Army Of Poll Workers To Swing Election To Biden

NBA superstar and Democratic party activist LeBron James has built a small army of poll workers in an effort to please his Chinese masters by putting Joe Biden into the White House.

According to reports, the Los Angeles Lakers forward and BLM cult leader has recruited 10,000 volunteers in black districts and will likely hit the campaign trail for Biden-Harris after the NBA finals wrap up next week. 


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LeBron has been a driving force in the summer's racial strife with by dispensing Twitter nuggets to his 47.5 million followers that incite anti-police sentiment and turn criminals like Jacob Blake into race martyrs. 

He has also become more entangled with the Democratic party, an anti-American entity that if Biden wins the election, will run up the white flag of surrender to China and put socialism into place in the U.S. 

LeBron's poll workers are a part of the NBA's transformation from a sports league into a political entity that has already announced that the league's arenas would be used as polling stations. 

Via The Hill, "LeBron James recruits 10,000 poll volunteers to assist in Black districts":

NBA star LeBron James has reportedly recruited 10,000 volunteers to help at polls in Black electoral districts in November.

The Los Angeles Lakers forward announced last month that his voting rights organization More Than A Vote would work on drafting volunteers in southern battleground states.

The effort has amassed 10,000 volunteers for "We Got Next," a collaboration with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

The collaboration will be highlighted during the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Lakers.

More Than a Vote told the Times the second phase of the group's push would be aimed at 11 cities "where significant poll worker shortages remain" amid the coronavirus pandemic, including southern Black voter hubs such as Birmingham, Ala.; Jackson, Miss.; Houston and San Antonio.

The group volunteer support is also still needed in cities including Cleveland, Detroit and Philadelphia.

Officials have raised concerns about a shortage of poll workers ahead of Election Day.

The lack of poll volunteers is even more severe in Black communities, which historically have experienced longer wait times on voting days and fewer polling locations than areas with predominately white voters.

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His recruitment efforts earned him high praise from former President Barack Obama who put out a video before game one of the Lakers-Miami Heat game on Wednesday. 

  • LeBron has a career in Democrat politics ahead of him when he retires and leaves behind a league that has been decimated with American fans during his time as the scowling face of the NBA. 

The ratings are in for the NBA conference finals and they are as butt-ugly as LeBron James’ foolish belief that he is a modern philosopher-king instead of just another big uneducated clown who can dunk a basketball better than anyone else.

The television ratings for both conference final series were horrific, including at least one game that had a staggering 44 percent drop from the prior year and are continuing on a downward trend since the uncouth racist loudmouth King James became the face of the league.

How bad is it? The ESPN documentary series on the Michael Jordan-Chicago Bulls dynasty has outdrawn every game of the NBA finals showing once again that LeBron isn’t fit to carry MJ’s jockstrap. 

Via SI.com, “TV Ratings: NBA conference finals take a plunge, including in West”:

At a time of year when television ratings tend to increase, the NBA went in the opposite direction during the conference finals.

The biggest loser was the Western Conference Finals on TNT, as the Los Angeles Lakers-Denver Nuggets series was supposed to start an uptick, given that the series featured LA star LeBron James. But one game dropped a staggering 41 percent in viewership from a comparable matchup last season between the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trail Blazers, as relayed by Carlos Garcia of Game7.

Meanwhile, an Eastern Conference Finals game between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics on ESPN dropped 15 percent when compared to last season (Toronto Raptors-Milwaukee Bucks), and a whopping 44 percent from two years ago (Cleveland Cavaliers-Boston Celtics).

Overall, the six conference finals games broadcast by TNT and ESPN combined to average a meager rating of 2.4, per Show Buzz Daily.

When compared to every sport but the NFL this fall, that’s actually not horrible. The conference finals even occasionally outdrew college football. But when compared to NBA seasons past, it’s been quite a nosedive.

For instance, last year’s conference finals series averaged a rating of 3.9, with no West finals game falling below 4.2.

And unlike this season, neither 2019 series had LeBron.

The correlation between ratings that are in the toilet and King James’ promotion of the divisive, bigoted Marxist BLM message can’t be overstated but the NBA has decided that its future is in the Chinese market where its values are more compatible with those of the communists in Beijing than in America.