Leftist Public School Teachers Panic As Fears That Parents Will Listen In On Lessons

For years, as the Left infiltrated and took over public school curriculum, filtering out such important classes like “Civics 101” and replacing it with ‘hate America’ content, teachers unions, and their rank-and-file minions have managed to pretty much keep a lid on what actually goes on in classrooms.

But thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the vast majority of kids were banished from classrooms and sentenced to a life of virtual learning.

Now, some of the same teachers who were pushing for virtual classes because they believe the ongoing coronavirus disruption will hurt President Trump in November are suddenly more concerned that parents will hear them brainwashing kids about race, gender, etc.

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The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh captured some Twitter screenshots from a teacher named Matthew R. Kay, whose account is now protected (go figure), where he openly expresses some panic about parents listening to the BS propaganda he and other race-baiting teachers like him are shoveling to kids.

Frankly, what Kay is saying should anger every parent – liberal and conservative – because the public schools are not for social engineering, they are there to provide children with foundational knowledge about a range of core subjects (math, reading, writing, English, history, science, etc.).

Walsh noted that some of the responses to Kay’s original posts are even more frightening, with one teacher referring to parents as “outsiders.”

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Brandon Morse at Red State notes further: 

Kay openly hates the idea that his brainwashing on social justice and racial matters can now be overheard by the parents, which violates the “secure barriers” and “what happens here stays here” mentality provided by the physical barriers of actual classrooms.

He goes on to say that while conservative parents are definitely the biggest problem, he’s also concerned about leftist parents who might not see eye to eye with his attempts at guiding his students towards his way of looking at racism and homophobia.

Some teachers noted in the thread that not all of them are ideological robots who force-feed Marxist claptrap to kids day in and day out. That’s good to hear.

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But then again, so much of what we’re seeing today in this ‘me first’ society has to make you wonder just how pervasive such educators really are. After all, the opposition to returning to classes this fall over a virus that is far less serious and deadly than the seasonal flu is pretty staunch.

Still, maybe it would do parents some good to be able to listen in to little Johnny’s or little Suzie’s lessons. And maybe it would be a good thing for teachers to be heard providing instruction. After all, if teachers really do want more parental involvement in the education of their children, as many have said, then there is no better way (at present) to make that happen than having moms and dads listen in for a change.

Not that it makes every public school teacher comfy. 

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