'Tolerant' Leftist Under Investigation After He Threatened Ashley St. Clair with Violent Rape and Death

If you haven’t figured out by now that the raging American Left isn’t about ‘fairness,’ ‘equality,’ and ‘tolerance,’ this story should prove it once and for all.

You may have heard about conservative political commentator Ashley St. Clair, a well-followed personality on various social media platforms. Well, seems like she triggered a little Left-wing teaching assistant at the University of Texas-San Antonio, whose ‘tolerance’ of opposing political viewpoints led him to violently threaten her.


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Allow me to enter the customary language warning here:

Warning: Really Bad Language Ahead

Nice, huh? What a ‘man.’ What a ‘hero’ to the #resist cause. Gonna mess him up a young lady ‘cause he doesn’t like what she stands for. That’ll teach her!

The juvenile threats and nastiness drew the attention of none other than conservative talk king Rush Limbaugh, who highlighted the incident during his Friday program.

There is a media personality there, pro-Trump, named Ashley StClair, and she tweeted a screenshot of a vile threat that she received explaining, “This is why I own guns.”

An online investigator was able to uncover the identity of the clod who sent the threat. It’s a liberal college professor teaching assistant. These are the people that never have to go to diversity training, right? Oh, no. They are properly sensitive. Oh, yeah. They understand never offending people. The guy that sent that threatening message is named Jonathan Pullen. He’s a teaching assistant at UT, U-Texas, San Antonio. She posted a picture of this clown as well.

Limbaugh and his staff found a picture of this little puke and put him side-by-side with the “pajama boy” that the Obama administration used in their Obamacare ads.

“Wear pajamas, drink hot chocolate, talk about getting health insurance. This is an Obama-sponsored ad to sell Obamacare to young people in their pajamas. This Pajama Boy guy is gonna forever be a featured player on the Rush Limbaugh program,” the host noted.

She posted a pic of Pullen as well, adding, “Why am I not surprised this is what he looks like?” 

StClair thanked Limbaugh for the shout-out, noting that Pullen had allegedly been dismissed as. TA from the university.

Meanwhile, campus police at UTSA contacted her to let her know they were on the case.

Fox News San Antonio adds:

The University of Texas at San Antonio says it is investigating a report of a threat made to a political commentator.

Ashley St.Clair says she received a death threat after posting a tweet directed at parents of transgender people.

“I am very impressed with their response to the threats & hope that the proper actions are taken against him," she said of UTSA's response. "I also hope that this man never works around students again - especially women."

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Beyond that, he’ll probably wind up with a cush job at some Ivy League university or a gig on CNN or MSNBC as the ‘brave resister’ who fought the evil forces of conservatism.

On another note, StClair announced she was starting a group dedicated to finding cowardly little soy boy keyboard warriors and exposing them, no matter which side of the political aisle they are on.