Leftists Vow More Violence, Rioting If Trump Appoints Replacement For Ginsburg

The consequences of allowing widespread violence and rioting to continue without a strong response are becoming more evident by the day as mobs have been emboldened by the absence of consequences for their criminality. 

Leftists are now threatening to riot if President Trump appoints a replacement for the now-deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the upcoming election. 


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As word of RBG's Friday demise spread faster than the wildfires that are ravaging the west coast, threats of rioting emerged on Twitter while the anti-conservative platform refused to enforce its own rules on the incitement of violence. 

One who is vowing to "burn the entire f**king thing down" is former CNN host Reza Aslan, a man who was too radical for the self-proclaimed "most trusted name in news" and whose show "Believer" was canceled after Aslan's obscene tweets about Trump. 

Given the already toxic political climate, ongoing riots, attacks on police, and the very real possibility of a domestic "color revolution" if Trump wins the election, such rhetoric is irresponsible, dangerous and walks a fine line between speech and terrorism. 

Aslan upped the ante with another ominous tweet that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's intent to hold a Senate vote on RBG's replacement would take place "Over our dead bodies. Literally."

We are now at a point where anti-American anarchists are able to threaten to extort the entire nation by vowing violence if they don't get their way - a situation that cannot be allowed to continue or a flashpoint will soon be reached resulting in blood in the streets. 

Via The Federalist, "After RBG’s Death, Left-Wing Activists Promise Violence If Trump Appoints Her Replacement":

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away Friday night at the age of 87 due to complications from metastatic pancreatic cancer.

Moments after news broke of her passing, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pledged a full Senate vote on the nominee of President Donald Trump’s choosing with the election looming less than 50 days away.

After erupting into a historic outbreak of civil unrest this summer that claimed the lives of more than 30 people while trashing minority businesses, launching violent assaults on state and federal police officers, and carrying out more than $1 billion in property damage in the name of social justice, radical left-wing activists are now planning to do it all again if the president executes his mandated White House authority to appoint a new Supreme Court justice.

“If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire f**king thing down,” wrote liberal writer Reza Aslan.

“We’re shutting this country down if Trump and McConnell try to ram through an appointment before the election,” warned Writers Guild of America President Beau Willimon.

“If Mitch McConnell jams someone through, which he will, there will be riots,” threatened Laura Bassett whose work has been published in GQ Magazine and the Washington Post.

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Robbie Starbuck captured a selection of some of the more incendiary threats which he sent out on Twitter - click on images in tweet to make them larger. 

Raw hatred for President Trump and his supporters that has been fueled for four years by the purveyors of hate in the media along with the bizarre fetishization of Ginsburg that turned her into an object of cult worship has the nation on the verge of an ugly escalation and potential destabilization. 

Some of the worst rioting has temporarily subsided as Democrats who have tacitly encouraged the mayhem are being hurt in the polls but the emotional attachment to Ginsburg is so intense that nothing may be able to hold back the mob now. 


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