“WE’RE NOT GOING THERE”; Fauci Refuses To Criticize Cuomo During Heated Fox News Interview

Chief White House medical advisor Dr. Tony Fauci made an absolute fool of himself on Fox News when he got upset after getting called out for being a total hypocrite on wearing masks and reopening schools in America.

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During an interview on Fox News, hosts Sandra Smith and John Roberts spoke to Fauci about New York’s coronavirus response, school closings, and struggling restaurants.

The interview heated up when Roberts called out Fauci for literally complaining the state of vaccine distribution ran counter to what he was saying under former President Donald Trump.

Citing “a comprehensive plan developed by” the Trump team, Roberts asked: “[I]f they were a mess, you were part of that team, so what was in place at that time?”

Fauci acted as if he was now too good to trash Trump, saying: “I really don’t want to go back and rehash that. That is not productive.”

Smith then called out states like New York for continuing to enforce coronavirus restrictions that “boggles many” as the measures were inflicting “incredible pain on small businesses, restaurateurs” and asked Fauci if he “see any reason why the New York governor shouldn’t allow for in-person dining to reopen with those statistics.”

Fauci was not pleased and said he was not going to “attack” New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Below is a transcript of the exchange, via Newsbusters:

FAUCI: You know, I have to tell you, I’m not going to be out here, outguessing a governor who is on the ground in his or her own state —

SMITH: But those are statistics. I mean —

FAUCI: — no, no. We’re not going to go there. I’m not going to be outguessing individual governors.

SMITH: — okay, how about — fine, so you don’t want to go there, but what about school closures? Chicago won’t reopen their schools. I mean, you’ve talked about — kids are not passing this disease inside the classrooms when they are following CDC guidelines.

FAUCI: Well —

SMITH: So shouldn’t they reopen schools in Chicago, for example?

FAUCI: Well, what I’m going to tell you are the general principles, and each individual state, with their governor, city with their mayor, will make their own decisions. The first thing —

SMITH: But —

FAUCI: — I would — let me just finish, let me just comment —

SMITH: Sir, go ahead.

FAUCI: — and see if I can help you out —

SMITH: Please.

FAUCI: — to be able to understand the bigger picture. That, yes, I understand greatly the strain that is on local businesses and restaurants and others, that that’s the reason why we need help. We need to be able to get resources that if indoor dining is going to be prohibited, we’ve got to have help to the owners of those organizations so they don’t go under during a period of time when we’re trying to correct and get our arms around this outbreak.


Smith followed up: “But we’re supposed to be following the science, and I think that’s the problem. Does the science say that kids can safely be back in the classroom if they’re following CDC guidance?”

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Fauci insisted that his position hasn’t changed (and neither has the CDC’s) and that schools can reopen so long as they’re “following the CDC guidelines,” but he actually adopted the position of teachers unions by stating that reopening “may require additional resources.”

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