Liberal Media Uses Model – Not Actual Cases – To Say Trump’s Rallies ‘Caused 30k COVID Cases And 700 Deaths’

To the surprise of literally nobody, the media outlets are falsely claiming that President Trump’s campaign rallies have caused over 30,000 coronavirus cases and 700 deaths. The left is running with these numbers, but it is just more bogus fake news.

In order to spin their own narrative, the left made an “estimate” of cases by crowd size and whether or not the event was indoors or outdoors.

Take a look at their bogus calculation:

Thankfully, best-selling author Alex Berenson DEBUNKED this claim, pointing out that these numbers are all based on a model, not actual cases:

Please spread this truth far and wide.

The media is pushing this final piece of fake news before the election and it NEEDS to be debunked!

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