Libs Get MEGA-TRIGGERED After Amazon Seeks Partnership With ICE

On Thursday, far-left liberal activists blocked traffic to protest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) outside of Amazon's property in Boston which resulted in multiple arrests.

The activists were targeting Amazon for attempting to sell their facial recognition technology to ICE.


According to the Daily Caller: "The protesters — who caused a traffic congestion during their march — took specific aim with Amazon’s reported attempts to sell its facial recognition technology to ICE. The Seattle-based company allegedly encouraged federal immigration authorities to purchase its “Rekognition” facial recognition software. Amazon did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment."

Since President Trump took office, Democrats have suddenly become "enraged" with ICE and deportation and have made it their mission to implement open borders at all costs.

The protest in Boston was put on by the Jewish led “Never Again Action” who protest deportation.

“These tools are being used to dehumanize entire communities, to create terror, to track people, and round them up and put them into detention, and then ultimately deport them,” member of the New Again Action Elizabeth Weinbloom said. “During the Holocaust, IBM created punchcard and data systems that were used in every concentration camp to track our ancestors.”

Check out what the Daily Caller reported:

Many of the protesters carried Holocaust-themed signs such as “Never Again Is Now” and “Close The Camps” as they marched through the streets. Never Again is a years-old slogan used by the Jewish community, typically meaning to never again allow the horrors of the Holocaust to happen.
The protesters Thursday ultimately entered Amazon’s Kendall Square office in Cambridge. After refusing to comply with police orders, 12 protesters were arrested. A GoFundMe for their bail was close to its $18,000 goal as of press time.
Never Again Action — a Jewish-led group that advocates on behalf of immigrations — has launch a significant number of anti-ICE protests across the country in 2019, with many of their demonstrations taking place near ICE facilities.
During a demonstration by a Rhode Island detention center in August, Never Again Action members blocked the entrance to a staff parking lot. Footage was captured of a corrections officer allegedly trying to drive through the crowd, laying on his horn in an attempt to make the protesters move. 

Democrats are becoming more and more extreme by fighting ICE. The Daily Caller continues:

As the debate over the illegal immigration continues in Washington, D.C., actions against immigration facilities have become increasingly violent across the country.
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A left-wing terrorist died in a shootout with police in July when he tried to blow up a Washington state ICE detention center. An ICE office in San Antonio was shot at several times in August, leaving federal investigators convinced it was a coordinated attack. In the most recent incident, a Florida woman in late August threw a lit Molotov cocktail inside a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services building.

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