Limbaugh Goes Bold With Major Update To His 2020 Election Prediction

During his radio show on Monday, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh discussed his thoughts regarding the Democratic party along with President Trump's re-election chances in 2020.

Limbaugh made a bold claim, saying that the Democrats have no chance in beating President Trump, adding that he thinks "Trump is already re-elected."


“The point is in their minds, they set their sights on somebody, and they’re able to take them out,” Limbaugh said. “They set their sights on Donald Trump in 2015. They’ve launched everything they’ve got. They’ve launched every weapon in their arsenal. It has bombed out, blown up in their faces. I think they’re deranged, delusion and bordering on maybe even clinical insanity here.”

Limbaugh continued: “I think Trump is already reelected. I don’t want to make too big a deal about this right now. I think these people have gone so far overboard and they’re unaware of it. There’s a story in the stack about Trump supporters in Seattle coming out now. There’s a story about how ANTIFA is bombing out in Portland. People are finally starting to see who ANTIFA is. When you see a story about Trump supporters surfacing and coming out in Seattle, I think there is – Megan Rapinoe did an interview. Come to find out, her whole family loves Trump. She is the only member of her family that doesn’t, and she’s mad as her Trump was criticizing her, her father continued to love Trump.”

Limbaugh has been convinced for some time now that President Trump will take the win in 2020. After watching the Democratic primary debates, Limbaugh stated that there is no way President Trump will lose.

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"Three years ago ... nobody thought that Donald Trump could win," Limbaugh stated. "I’m talking about in the mainstream, the media, the Washington establishment, nobody thought he could win. Tonight, nobody thinks anybody on that Democrat debate stage can win."

"In just three years we have gone from a candidate that everybody was laughing at and thinking had no prayer and wasn’t even serious about winning to now nobody on the Democrat side is — they’re asking Michelle Obama to get in and save them," he said. "If they’re doing that, that’s a tantamount admission that nobody they’re running now has a slight chance or even a prayer."

Limbaugh continued to hammer the left. "People need to understand how the Democrats see America," he continued.

"They look out over this landscape, they see nothing but suffering. They don’t see anybody other than in pain, victims of this, victims of that," said Rush. "Then they position themselves as the people who are gonna fix it, and get even with the other people — us — who have caused all of this misery. And there isn’t anything they talk about that involves improving life."

"They talk about jobs, not careers," he added. "They do not offer anybody anything uplifting, and they haven’t created a group of voters that even thinks uplifting. Their voter group is mired in all kinds of misery, injustice to the point they’re covering up George Washington in murals in San Francisco, rather than cleaning the human feces off the streets out there."

Limbaugh then went on to talk about the liberal "lunacy."

"You watch the debate last night and you hear this lunacy — and it was lunacy!" Limbaugh later said. "... Those people are lunatics, the things they were saying and believing, and then you realize that people are applauding it. I mean, I was warning people 20 years ago when some wacko thing would happen in the environmentalist movement and people laughed. 'They’re never gonna believe that,' people said. Now here we are; they do believe it. No, I understand the threat here."

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